Alko-quarantine: the Kazakhs for a month drank 4.5 million liters of strong alcohol

According to the statistics Committee, in April 2020 in the domestic market were sold 2 million 814,9 thousand liters of vodka. For comparison — in April 2019 was sold sold about 800 thousand liters less. That is, the consumption of vodka grew by 37%.

The same situation relative to March, sales of vodka increased by 16.7%.

At the same time draw attention to two points:

  • Most benefited from the situation of Kazakhstani producers. The imports of vodka in April 2020 was almost twice less than the previous year (325,1 thousand liters against 588,3 thousand)
  • Despite significant growth, the April intake was among the lowest in recent years. This month the Kazakhs usually drink a lot more. In 2013, for example, sales in the domestic market for the month was twice as much.

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Brandy sets records

As for the brandy, his sales were a record for that month level. In April, Kazakhs drank more than 1.7 million liters of alcohol. The sales on the domestic market increased in comparison with April 2019 to 58.4%. And here

capacity of domestic plants to meet the demand not enough – I had to connect overseas deliveries

Imports grew 3.7 times: 637,2 thousand liters against 173,2 thousand a year earlier.

It is worth noting that

cognac is generally acquiring more and more fans

After 4 months on the domestic market were sold about 7.2 million litres by 89.2% more than in the same period of the previous year.

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Beer consumption has fallen by a quarter

Alcoholic beverages were less popular than in previous years. April, beer sales fell to a five-year low: slightly more than 52 million liters. Compared to the previous year, sales have dropped by 20% in comparison with March of 2020 at 13.9%. But here was a place for the growth of sales of foreign manufacturers import compared to April 2019 has grown by 17.2%, exceeding 5.3 million liters. However, domestic producers continue to dominate, occupying 90% of the market.

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The quarantine has hit the champagne and juices

The strongest of alcoholic beverages has fallen, the demand for champagne. This month was sold 2,9 thousand liters of this drink. For comparison: in March, the volume of sales amounted to U.S. $ 131.7 thousand tons, in April of 2019 to 27.6 thousand tons. That is the year the sales decreased by approximately 10 times. As compared with the previous month – almost 50 times.

Decreased wine consumption in General. In April in the domestic market were sold 2 489,3 million thousand liters. It 318,9 thousand liters or 11.4% less than a year ago. Compared to March, the decrease is not so strong – up 3.1%

Also worth noting:

  • In April, fell sharply sale of cigarettes – they amounted to only 45.6% of the level of 2019. Just over a month had sold 1.8 billion units, which, however, is much more than the March figures (1.23 billion).
  • Fell sharply and the sale of soft drinks – 159,4 million liters against 243,3 million a year earlier. Thus consumption has fallen by one-third – affected by the ban on walks and visits to places of rest. By the way, in March for colder weather were implemented 222.8 million liters.

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