Gasoline has become one of the main export goods within the country prices fell

According to the statistics Committee, in March 2020, the country exported abroad 60,3 thousand tons of fuel. For comparison: in the year 2019, the sales volume amounted to 54.1 thousand tons.


the amount of transactions in March $29 million, 2.1 million more than in the entire previous year

Over the month, gasoline, more recently, one of the main imported goods, has become one of the most important export products. Income from the sale exceeded the income from the flour of barley, coal and many other products. More funds brought to the Republic , only 11 product groups. Moreover, most of them minerals.

Total for January-March, the overseas sales of gasoline amounted to 124.8 thousand tons, and the total cost of fuel sold – 59.4 million dollars. This is approximately the same as exports of titanium and hydrogen, and more than fats and oils, zinc ore, silver, and gas condensate.

The main buyers of Kazakhstan of gasoline are the European countries

More than half of all exports from the Netherlands – 62,7 thousand tons and $30.1 million Here, gasoline is sold with Atyrau refinery.

A relatively large market are also Afghanistan is 35.3 thousand tons (mainly Shymkent production) and $15.9 million

In Tajikistan left 21.2 thousand tons (of West Kazakhstan region and Shymkent) for $10.5 million in addition, the domestic fuel in 2020 bought Uzbekistan, Georgia and Mongolia – the total sales amounted to $ 2.9 million.

Production is growing. Or not

The growth of exports comes against the backdrop of increasing production. According to the statistics Committee, in January-April 2020 was produced in the Republic 463,6 1 million tons of gasoline. This is almost 20% more than in the same period of the previous year. In absolute terms the difference was 241,5 thousand tons.

However, in recent months there has been not the best speaker. In December 2019 monthly record of production amounted to 469.2 thousand tons, which was a new historic record. Following four months of steady decline in volumes. As a result, at the end of April minus 38,3% (up to 289,4 thousand tons). The overall index last month was the worst since March 2019.

Moreover, in April 2019 the volume of production of gasoline was 305,6 thousand tons, a year later – 289.6 thousand tons. The reduction year-on-year – the phenomenon not frequent. Over the last three years of which only the third time (this was recorded in December 2017 and March 2019).

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Prices in the domestic market fell

Thanks to administrative measures, supported by the decline in demand for fuel, petrol prices in Kazakhstan fell. According to official data, its value in April fell 1.3 percent. This is the maximum monthly decline since February 2019 (-1,4%).

Furthermore, April was the first month since November, when prices went down. During January-March, they increased by 5.5%.

And this:

  • was the highest quarterly increase since the fourth quarter of 2017 (8,1%)
  • the first case from the end of 2017, when prices rose for three consecutive months

For comparison, in April the price of diesel fuel in the Republic fell by 2.3%. This is the largest monthly decrease since February 2015. The last time DT increased in price in January 2020 – according to official data, then its cost increased by 0.3%.

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