During the quarantine, banks ‘ profits fell 7 times

the Main result of April – a significant reduction of income of STB. According to the national Bank, the excess of current revenues over expenditures for the month amounted to slightly more than 14 billion tenge.

For comparison, the March earnings were at the level of 98.2 billion, in February – USD 79.2 billion.

That is

just over a month banking revenues fell 7 times. The main reason is the limitations of the offices related to quarantine measures

By the end of April to minus worked from six banks. Among them:

  • Eurasian Bank – minus 79,7 million tenge (net loss recorded for the second consecutive month in March, it amounted to about 1.2 billion tenge)
  • Jysanbank or minus 10 billion tenge
  • Nurbank – minus 25.2 billion tenge
  • CapitalBank – minus of 1.33 billion
  • Islamic Bank “Al Hilal” – minus 247.4 million (second month)
  • AsiaCreditBank – minus 277,6 million (18 times in last 19 months)

Thus, the number of banks exhaust in minus the first 4 months of the year increased to five.

To AsiaCredit Bank (-1,3 billion in January-April) and Tengri Bank (-3,3 billion) in added Capital bank (-1,3 billion), Al Hilal (-97,7 million) and Nurbank (-24,6 billion tenge).

30% of toxic loans system – from Jysan bank

Secondly, the growth of loans with payments overdue by 90 days (NPL). That is, to pay for which stopped before the pandemic.

By the end of April, their volume increased by 35.6 billion KZT, exceeding 1.4 trillion. And this is the maximum value since November 2017.

That is, the amount of toxic loans is now at maximum for the last 2.5 years

However, their share in the total loan portfolio increased to 9.41% against the March of 8.94%. This is the maximum since September 2019.

Why do banks actually raised interest rates on deposits

Driver negative growth again made Jysan bank. Total volume of NPL for the month increased by 26 billion, surpassing 421,2 billion tenge. Now this STB accounts for more than 30% of all toxic loans of banks in Kazakhstan (March — 29%).

10.9 p. p. and increased their share in the total loan portfolio of the Bank. Figure 1 may 48,47%. The situation is worse only in Capital Bank Kazakhstan – 87,77%

In addition Jysan bank significantly worsened the situation in Tengri bank. The share of NPL grew up here for the month by 5.4 percentage points to 15.69%. That is, compared with the beginning of the year the volume has increased 2.2 times (up to 14.1 billion tenge).

The delay in “Zhilstroysberbank” for 2 months increased 4.2 times

If you look at the whole situation with overdue payments on loans even improved. Over the month, declining on a 147.6 billion tenge ($2 trillion 276 billion), and the share is 0.59 p. p. (to 15.29%). The share of overdue loans has dropped significantly in a number of second-tier banks:

  • In the “Eurasian Bank” — from 23.9 to 17.81% (minimum 7 months)
  • ATFBank – from 27.91 to 24,17%
  • Bank RBK – from 23.78 to 18.25%
  • Bank Kassa Nova – from 21.5 to 15.76%
  • IB “Zaman-Bank” – with 39,32 to 31.2% (minimum since February 2019)

In addition, the volume of overdue loans declined markedly in the “people’s Bank” (39.1 billion), ATFBank (-43,3 billion) and Kaspi bank (-41 bn).

On the other hand, the delay in Jysan bank increased to 509,6 billion tenge. In addition, the Bank remains the absolute champion. The share of overdue loans here is 58,64% (+10,95 PP per month).

Worse things are only in Capital bank, debts to which no one extinguishes (delay – 98,43%).

Also noteworthy is the increase in overdue loans in Sberbank (+43.1 billion tenge) and “Zhilstroysberbank” (+39,8 billion). This performance is the main mortgage Bank in the country is increasing for the fourth month in a row, and their share amounted to 7,73%.

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The lending Bank RBK is on maximum in 2017

Overall in April from 17 banks was the reduction of the loan portfolio (including 6 out of 8 of the largest STB of the Republic). The result is quite expected : it is difficult to take a credit in the branch, which is closed.

As a chief outsider is again Jysan Bank, confused bblack out most of the March increase: decrease to 182.7 billion tenge against the rise 192,6 billion a month earlier. Quite a lot lost and Kaspi bank (-84,2 billion), whose loan portfolio returned to the level of December 2019.

From banks, which increased lending, Bank RBK stands out: its portfolio increased by 27.6 billion tenge, amounting to 435,2 billion high 2017. In General, the performance of the financial system of the Republic fell – the total volume of lending decreased by 337,6 billion to 14 trillion 883,5 billion tenge.

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The population withdrew funds from most banks

After the March increase in the volume of deposits on accounts of natural persons, the outflow is. However, he was relatively weak – 32,8 billion tenge. Most likely, this is due to the fact that part of the population lost income and forced to shot accumulation. The total volume of Bank deposits of individuals as of may 1 totaled 9 trillion 866,5 billion tenge.

At the end of the month a strong outflow of deposits has occurred in many major banks. Mostly:

  • “People’s Bank” — 38.7 billion tenge
  • Sberbank — 18.7 billion
  • Forte Bank at 27 billion
  • Jysan Bank – by 19.4 billion

In April, the stored growth of the population occurred only in 9 banks, but actually significantly increased the indicators in only one – Kaspi bank. Over the last month the amount of deposits it increased by 74.8 billion tenge, exceeding 1.6 trillion.

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Two banks lost a third of the deposits business

The outflow of deposits of legal entities was slightly stronger at 74 billion tenge (to 9.19 trillion). For example, deposits in Sberbank, Forte Bank, Jysan bank and Citibank total decreased by 135.9 billion tenge.

But the strongest output occurred at the STB, which size of assets is only the 18th place among the 27 banks in the country. The outflow of deposits of the business from the “TPB of China in Almaty” at the end of the month amounted to 58 billion — almost a third of their total volume. More than 30% and decreased the indicators of Tengri bank. In the end, the volume of allocated funds then fell to the summer of 2016.

A notable increase by the end of April figures only two banks. In the “people’s” growth rate is at 45.5 billion tenge — up to 3 trillion 317,3 billion (six months maximum). In the “Eurasian Bank” — by 40.3 billion tenge, to 356,9 billion (maximum 11 months).

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