Deposits and assets fall, but the earnings of banks are increasing

2020 started with the fact that Kazakhstan was often taken from the banks their savings, than to swell the deposits. However, this trend is quite familiar. So, in January 2017 population’s deposits in banks decreased by 208,2 billion tenge in January 2018 – 74.5 billion, and in 2019 – to 138,2 billion

The decline in the Deposit base was not spared the four largest financial institutions.

  • Fall in the “people’s Bank” amounted to 83.6 billion tenge. This is the strongest outflow of deposits from February 2019. As of February 1, 2020, the Bank placed deposits of natural persons 3 trillion 085,3 billion tenge. Since the merger with Kazkom, that is, since the summer of 2018, was less only once — at the beginning of November 2019.
  • Deposits in Kaspi Bank decreased by 16.4 billion tenge. The withdrawal of funds from accounts in this Bank the last time it happens infrequently — for the third time in the last 2 years and for the first time in 15 months.
  • Figure Forte bank decreased by 36.7 billion tenge (up to 541,9 billion). Thus for IV sq 2019 the growth of deposits amounted to 44.7 billion That is a large part of the inflow was offset January’s decline. As a result, the borrowed funds of the population Forte bank dropped to 6th place among all banks.
  • Less of the top-4 STB counts fell Sberbank of 6.9 billion tenge (up to 752,3 billion).

The only Bank that has significantly improved Deposit performance in January, was Jusan bank. The volume of placed deposits of individuals increased by 46.6 billion tenge. For comparison:

the growth of deposits occurred in 13 second-tier banks of the Republic, but only a total of 6.8 billion tenge

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Russian banks pull business customers

The business increased its deposits in local banks 38,1 billion tenge. Their total volume exceeded 8.7 trillion tenge.

The Deposit growth in January occurred in 14 of the 27 banks. It is best in the early years worked “Sberbank” — hosted deposits of businesses grew by 38.5 billion tenge (up to 866,6 mlrd). So many funds of legal entities in the Bank has not been observed. And only in the last 5 months, the growth has amounted to 169.9 billion tenge.

Linyi record set and “Alfa-Bank”. The volume of deposits of business for January has increased by 14.4%, or 34.5 billion tenge. The volume of funds of legal entities is 273,8 billion On this indicator the Bank is in 8th place among all banks. It is also worth noting that the indicators of Alfa-Bank in attracting deposits business grow for 8 of the last 10 months.

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However, some of STB, the volume of deposits of legal entities decreased. Strongest indicators fell in ATFBank (-29,9 billion), Altyn bank (-23,2 billion) and Citibank (-29,9 billion).

In addition, for the eighth time in 11 months, is the withdrawal of business from the “people’s Bank”. In January 2020, the deposits of legal entities in “National” decreased by 12.7 billion tenge.

The obligations of AMB fell for the first time in 8 months

“Savings Bank” and “Alfa-Bank” shows good momentum and volume commitments. Subsidiaries of Russian banks are increasing their volume for 8 of the last 9 months. In January, the indicators of Sberbank grew by 177,1 billion tenge. This allowed him to become the second (after “National Bank”) second tier banks of Kazakhstan with the obligations of more than $ 2 trillion (on February 1, 2020 — $ 2 trillion 087,8 billion). “Alfa-Bank” has increased by 35 billion (to 552,6 billion tenge).

In addition to these banks significantly increased obligations Jusan Bank – to 61 billion tenge. The total volume has exceeded 1 trillion – now in Kazakhstan 8 STB, stepped through the this mark. Moreover, in half of the eight indicators in January fell.

  • The obligations of “National Bank” decreased by 204.6 billion in December after growth of 127.6 bn
  • Forte bank on 302,5 billion (in December growth was 286,8 billion)
  • AMB – 35.7 billion. This was preceded by seven-month growth, in which the liabilities of the Bank rose by 94.1 billion
  • Kaspi bank – na 33.4 billion (the third decline in 20 months)

In General, the obligations of the Kazakhstani Bank in January fell by 353,7 billion tenge and amounted to 1 Feb 22.8 trillion.

“Sberbank” is in second place in assets

The decline in liabilities coupled with a decline in the loan portfolio of banks led to the fact that the total assets of the domestic STB decreased by 283,8 billion tenge. Thus, on February 1, total assets of the banking sector amounted to 26 trillion 526,1 billion, the bulk of the decline was due to the “National Bank” (-177,9 billion) and Forte bank (-299,1 billion). These institutions, in fact, lost all the December growth (155,2 and 289,9 billion tenge, respectively). For the first time since may of 2018 (i.e. for 20 months) has decreased the assets of Kaspi bank – 15,1 billion tenge, to 2 trillion 156,5 billion.

It helped “savings” will strengthen the role of the second largest Bank of the Republic. Its assets grew in January to 123 billion: growth is observed for the fourth month in a row. The current volume is 2 trillion 329,6 billion tenge.

Continues to build muscles and “Alfa-Bank”. Its assets have grown by 8 times since may 2019, amounting to 631,9 billion tenge. This allowed him to reach 11th place in the list of the largest second-tier banks of the country.

ec9b29e4a4defabd5f31fbd948d65fc0 - Deposits and assets fall, but the earnings of banks are increasing

“People” and Kaspi — two-thirds of the profits

The decline does not prevent the banks to make money. In January, the excess of current income over expenditure after income tax amounted to 71.3 billion tenge. Was able to earn 25 of 27 second-tier banks of the Republic.

Exception – is going through hard times AsiaCredit bank (-154,1 million tenge), as well as Tengri bank (-581,1 million tenge). Interestingly, the smallest of the second-tier banks of the Republic — JSC SB “NB of Pakistan” in Kazakhstan (assets less than 5 billion tenge) — for the second month (for the third time in 4 months) works a plus. In January, its revenues exceeded expenses by 24.7 million tenge. And it’s amazing, because the Bank worked for years at a loss.

Traditionally, the main income divided the two banks: “Halyk Bank” earned per month 28.4 billion, Kaspi bank – 18.3 billion and accounted For two-thirds of the total income of Kazakhstan’s commercial banks.

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