The railway revenue from passenger traffic fell by half. KTZ is sinking?

Despite quarantine restrictions affecting the operation of businesses and outlets throughout Kazakhstan, as well as the reduction of foreign trade turnover of Kazakhstan railway transport increased.

According to the statistics Committee, in January-may 2020 in the Republic on railway tracks were carried 118,8 billion t*km In comparison with the same period in 2019, the volume increased by 3.4%.

The total volume of freight by all modes of transport at the end of 5 months made up of 229.5 billion t*km, having decreased during the year by 2.9%.


the share of railway transport was 51.8% of total volume

The largest increase in turnover occurred in the cities of Republican value.

  • In Almaty, the index rose by 51.7% (up to 4.8 billion ton*km)
  • Nur-Sultan – by 62.7% (up to 11 billion t*km)
  • Shymkent – 91.3% (up to 3.1 billion tons*km)

However, once in 9 regions the figures were lower than last year

Heaviest turnover fell in the Western-Kazakhstan region – to 26.3% from January to may 2019. In Mangistau region the figure is 65.9%, in Almaty – 67,4%, Turkistan – 67,9%.

Also noteworthy is the reduction in performance of the Karaganda region – this region is a leader by turnover (their role and the advantageous geographical position and large territory, and the development industry). Over the year the rates a bit, but still fell by 0.6% to 16.1 billion t*km.

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If to speak only about the weight of transported goods (and not to take into account the distance at which they are delivered), the volume amounted to 164.1 million tons.

And it is also an growth in comparison with January-may of 2019, the rate increased by 3% (overall rate for all modes of transport fell by 6.9 percent to 1.42 billion tons).

In terms of regions, the situation is similar with a turnover: the highest growth in cities millionikah, the largest decline in the West of the Republic.

More than 40% of all passengers provides Nur-Sultan

To increase the performance in freight transportation, the railroad lost in the transportation of passengers.

In this regard, the railway loses all other modes of transport. For the first five months

the number of passengers amounted to 5 million 051.1 thousand is only 58.2 per cent from the level in the same period of the previous year

A greater reduction is observed only in the marine and coastal (36.4 per cent) and inland water transport (23.7 per cent).

Reducing the rates of passenger turnover was even stronger, amounting to only 53.9 per cent from the previous year’s level.

The volume in January-may 3.76 million p*km (passenger-kilometers). This, for example, 5.6 times less than a taxi and only slightly more than air transport (3.35 million p*km).

44% of all passengers have on-Noor-Sultan — with the beginning of the year of 2.25 million people. However, this is a quarter less than in January-may 2019. But this decline is not the worst option.

Only in three regions of Kazakhstan the number of railway passengers during the year fell less than one – third- in addition to the capital is Shymkent (-7,2%, to 73.9 million) and Zhambyl region (-32,9% to of 260.9 million). Regions with a decline of about three times much more:

  • Almaty oblast (32.2 per cent from the previous year’s level, to 101.5 million)
  • West Kazakhstan oblast (by 29.1%, 34.9 thousand)
  • Mangystau region (31,1%, to 77.4 million)
  • North Kazakhstan region (35,7% to 74 thousand)
  • The Turkestan region (35.1 per cent to 46.3 per thousand)

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Income from the carriage of passengers fell by 21 billion

Some of the information on the income of the railway companies statistics Committee puts in the public domain, calling it confidential. However, some data in the bulletins are still there. And they allow us to represent the approximate state of Affairs.

  • Revenues from railway transportation at the end of 5 months — 377.8 billion tenge (data for 2019 there). That’s a third of the total amount of income of transport enterprises.
  • The main income account for freight – 356,9 billion, 4.9% more than in January-may 2019. The income from this activity in may 2020 was 11.3% lower than in the same month of the previous year (but no exact figures).
  • Carriage of passengers brought 20.9 billion tenge. Of these, only 20.7 million in may and EUR 248.3 million in April. For comparison: in may 2019 revenues were $ 7.7 billion, 370 times more than the current indicators. Only for the first five months of revenues from passenger transportation fell by half.

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