The EEU is a common area with a bunch of sovereignties —

Svoik, the Vice-Minister Janelle Kuchukova criticized the trade barriers faced by Kazakhstani entrepreneurs to export goods.

“Used today in bilateral trade barriers does not give the full experience to our entrepreneurs benefit from participation in Eurasian economic integration. The main purpose of the Eurasian economic Union are the free movement of goods, services, capital and labour. The achievement of such targets simultaneously is impossible,” – said Vice-Minister of the Agency LS.

Also Janelle Kuchukov told that in the regions of Russia there are unspoken restrictions on Kazakhstani goods.

“In practice, Kazakhstani farmers face at the regional level, with the implicit limitations and prohibitions on the Russian shelves. This applies mostly to food products: dairy, food, vegetable products,” – said the Deputy Minister.

Earlier, the Minister Bakhyt Sultanov threatened Belarusians retaliation if they continue to obstruct Kazakhstan alcoholic products on the shelves of Belarus.

The residual principle of trade

Is Kazakh officials even at the moment of creation of the EAEU and otvorenie all the gates did not understand what the consequences will be exactly like this? Your thoughts on this with MediaPortal 365info shared economist Peter Svoik.

3e5834bbcb5d1a962c46c6b67f8ad0ba - The EEU is a common area with a bunch of sovereignties —Peter Svoik. Photo: Roman Sukhanov

All told Vice-Minister of integration and trade the truth. This is the case — said Svoik. — It remains only to ask the leaders of the Ministry, they plan to decide on — they are for trade or for integration?

A together can do?

— Once the whole economy of Kazakhstan was part of the Union. No foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan as such has not had and interacted economically with other parts of the Soviet Union. After the USSR collapse Kazakhstan was adapted to the foreign market as they could.

And that adjustment has led to the fact that trade within the countries of the former Soviet Union survived only by a residual principle

In figures it looks so. Foreign trade turnover of Kazakhstan with third countries in 5 times more than with the countries of the former USSR. Residual trade is preserved in a very disadvantageous for Kazakhstan proportions. Here are the numbers 2018. Exports to Russia 5 billion 200 million dollars and imports from there 13 billion 200 million dollars. A negative balance of $ 8 billion in favor of Russia. The negative balance in favor of other countries of the former USSR is also not in our favor. In Belarus we have a $ 500 million advantage to them and disadvantage to us.

We have a wonderful balance of trade with Europe. Because most of our oil and metals goes there. And just in the European balance we stand by plus 22 billion.

A good balance of trade we have with Japan, and Turkey. Even huge China is small, but a plus

A small plus for the neighbors we have only with Kyrgyzstan. And only due to the fact that he has no oil. Consumer goods there come to us a broad stream. But still the oil they need even more. Hence the surplus.

Sovereignty and the Union are incompatible?

— And that, when the formation of the EEC did not consider that the issue will arise sooner or later?

— The formation of the EEC was a purely political move. Its economic content is almost not there, and that was puzzling. The formation of the EEC did not work on combining trading systems with the abolition of customs, but preserving all kinds of sovereignties. Sovereignty over the currency, railway and power industry. And so on.

Abolished the custom, were United by a common space, and on it have nothing in common. There are only sets of sovereignties

It is clear that Russia is within its sovereign right strongly inhibits the promotion of foreign goods. We are also trying to do it, but not so great and not so cheeky.

— Our threaten them with retaliatory sanctions. And where will this lead in the end?

— I remind, we have a negative balance of $ 8 billion. It is such a hole that falls and the rate of tenge, and transfers from the national Fund. It should plugging. And trying to plug all possible ways. But she shuts up bad. Because 8 billion just will not shut up.

There are two ways for the Ministry. The first way: to complain, to threaten retaliation, retaliate only to expand the hole not in our favor. The second way. As soon as the biggest hole in Kazakhstan with the former Soviet Union, that means we need to stop it by joint efforts.

Starting with the fact that it is necessary to combine competencies to bring them up to a supranational level where it is beneficial

For example, if the Communists built a railroad and General electric, today is absolutely insane to maintain sovereignty over and above the other. If we have a common economic space, it’s insane to maintain national sovereignty over the bodies of the technical, epidemiological and phytosanitary control. If not, it is clear that market participants will use these sovereignties for its national protectionism and the displacement of the brothers.

Trade in the integration

And use them as weapons.

Yes. So the Ministry with an interesting name — trade and integration — to be determined. Trade and integration will not go, because we are going to with such integration that trade. Must be trade during integration.

If the Ministry really wants to establish trade, first of all it is necessary to establish integration and to put forward the idea of integration of the structures that provide General trade

Although it can be empty talk, preserving the Holy sanctity of our wonderful tenge. Who bows and the dollar, and the ruble.

If the Ministry of trade and the integration of their highly Patriotic reasons more so sovereign tenge and more to preserve their national competence over trade, then we must agree that the same is at all. And the Uzbeks, who will soon join the EEU. Then nothing but pushing elbows and marjaniemi length of sovereignty, will not work.

If you want to have common space must be shared competence. Otherwise this is either a misunderstanding of the situation, or deliberate speculation of the situation.

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