Bankers games: what Jusan bank earned for the month 177,4 billion tenge?

For comparison:

the total income of all banks in the country during the 10 previous months was 501,1 billion tenge

“People’s Bank”, whose assets several times more to earn many billion in 2019 it took 7 months. Jysan bank managed for one, and did so against the background of a sharp reduction in its loan portfolio.

The November growth has allowed the Bank to get out of the red, in which he stayed from Feb. For the first 11 months Jysan bank earned KZT 26.8 bln. This is more than, for example, the hcsb (26.2 billion), and only slightly less than ATF Bank, Eurasian Bank and “Bank CenterCredit” together (28.5 billion).

Overall, Kazakh banks over 11 months and earned 746,4 billion tenge. For the entire 2018 638,4 billion, the Largest excess of current revenues over expenditures showed “people’s Bank” (295,7 billion) and Kaspi bank (156,7 billion).

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Business re-prints money

Another result of the November withdrawal of deposits of legal entities.

Just over a month, the business took off 530,2 billion tenge

And it happened once in October, legal person massively expanded their deposits.

In the end, has the following picture:

banks that received money business in October, in November, faced with strong outflow

Among them:

  • “People’s Bank” (-324 billion)
  • Forte bank (-40,4 billion)
  • “Sberbank” (-36,9 billion)
  • Altyn bank (-49,9 billion Tg.)

Of the 10 largest second-tier banks of the Republic of the decrease of deposits of legal entities occurred in seven.

In “Bank CenterCredit” outflow of deposits of legal entities has been ongoing for 4 months in a row. In November, the indicator fell by 15.6 billion — to 375,7 billion tenge. This is at least June 2015.

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Deposits of the population exceeded 9 trillion tenge

As for the population, then without any shocks.

For 9 months the volume of Deposit funds is growing

In November, the index increased by 100.5 billion tenge and as of 1 December for the first time exceeded 9 trillion. For comparison: the volume of pension assets of the SAPF at the same date was only slightly lower at 10.7 trillion tenge.

For the month stronger just increased this: in the “people’s Bank” (+25.3 billion), Kaspi bank (+21.3 billion) and the hcsb (+19.2 billion). The strongest reduction was seen in Sberbank (-5,4 billion — to 729,4 billion). Thus, in the Bank deposits of business for the second consecutive month was higher than the population. The last time three months or more legal persons prevailed over physical in the first half of 2016.

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Liabilities of banks decreased

Decreased and liabilities of banks. For the month the index fell by 585,7 billion tenge (to 22.66 trillion). Mostly the “people’s Bank” (in 409,1 billion). Much lost and Jysan bank, whose commitments decreased by 212,9 billion, and their total volume fell below 1 trillion, stopping at around 970 billion tenge.

For the fourth time in 5 months decreased liabilities Forte bank (28.3 billion), but despite this, the Bank’s performance is now higher than it was at the beginning of 2019 (approximately 1.69 vs 1.58 trillion).

Obligations of the five banks increased by 20 billion tenge, and more. These include the savings Bank (+40.1 billion), Kaspi bank (+29.4 billion), as well as three second-tier Bank: “Alfa-Bank” (+21 billion), Altyn bank (+28.7 billion) and Nurbank (+20.8 billion).

Interestingly, these banks started the year with one level of commitment. However, during 11 months of “Nurbank” is far behind competitors. The obligations of this STB increased by 4.9 billion tenge, while the “daughter” of Russian “Alfa-Bank” — on 88,3 billion, and the “daughter” of China China Citic Bank – 76 billion

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Assets 15 banks fell

As a result of reduction of loan portfolio and liabilities the banks ‘ assets for the first time in 3 months decreased. The total volume of 1 December 2019 amounted to 26 trillion of 113.7 billion tenge. It 353,8 billion less than the previous month. Strong fall showed “people’s Bank”. His performance in November fell by 380 billion (however, in October they increased by 421,5 billion). For the fourth time in 5 months has decreased Forte bank (-23 billion) and Jysan bank (-34,8 billion). Reduced the assets of Citibank (-63,7 billion tenge).

Growth for the month showed only 12 of the 27 banks in Kazakhstan. The assets of the Bank grew by 42.2 billion (1 trillion 319,1 billion), Kaspi bank – 46 billion (2 trillion 076 billion).

Kaspi entrenched in third place among the largest banks of the Republic of

To Sberbank, ranked second, far — 123.5 billion tenge.

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