Investment grow: 930 billion tenge was invested in the mining industry

In January-February 2020 the volume of investments in fixed capital amounted to 1 trillion 480,3 billion tenge. This is 11.6% more than in the first 2 months of 2019.

According to official data, the main growth was provided by the increase in the rate of construction and capital repair of buildings and structures 689,7 billion tenge. This is 27.4% more than in the same period of the previous year. Acquisition costs of machinery and equipment rose by 15.2%. Other costs in fixed assets decreased by 15.8%.

The main investor in the country remains big business

The volume of investments has exceeded 1 trillion tenge (+15,1%). The structure of the investment here is quite uniform:

  • construction and repair of left 350,9 billion
  • machinery and equipment – 376 billion
  • other articles – 293,1 billion

Small business prefers to invest in construction work. Two months of MB investment in construction was 327.5 billion tenge (+34%) in the total investment volume 418,4 billion (+7.2 percent).

With regard to medium-sized businesses, his numbers continue to decline

– 41.9 billion, a total of 84.3% of the level of investment over January-February 2019.

Half of all investment takes one region

A key region for attracting investment remains Atyrau oblast. Two months 2020 here in the capital invested 706,2 billion tenge. This is 47.5% of the nationwide figure. That is, every other tenge in Kazakhstan is spent on construction, repairs, purchase of equipment, or other similar purposes, occur in this region.

However, the growth of investments is noted in 13 of the 17 regions of the country. The most powerful in the Western Kazakhstan region. In the past two months 102,7 billion tenge, which is three times higher than the same period of 2019. In this case of 90.9 billion of these funds went into the development of the mining industry.

Among the regions, investment in which has declined stands out Shymkent

The current figure is only 39.5% from the level in January-February 2019 (11.5 billion). Slightly better situation in Kyzylorda oblast – by 41.6% (23.6 billion). In Karaganda and Pavlodar regions, the decline in investment activity, strong but still less visible – 7.7% and 6.8%, respectively.

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Where to invest in the regions?

The structure of investments is heavily dependent on economic specialization of the region. However, most of these funds are often directed to the construction or repair of buildings and structures. This is most clearly seen in the Noor-Sultan – for this purpose in the capital account for 85% of all investments. In Kyzylorda oblast the figure is 78%, in Eastern Turkestan and Kazakhstan – about 74%.

The only region of the country where the purchase of machinery and equipment (and repair them) takes most of the investment is in Karaganda oblast. Two months for this purpose invested 44.7 billion tenge, 61% of the total in the region.

If you look at the investment in terms of direction of use, then:

  • in North Kazakhstan region most of the investment goes into agriculture;
  • Akmola and Turkestan in electricity and gas, and supply of steam, hot water and air conditioning;
  • Karaganda – in the manufacturing industry;
  • in Almaty and Zhambyl oblasts and cities of national importance – in operations with real estate;
  • in all other regions of the country – in the mining industry.

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Mining attracts 13.5 times more than treatment

In General, the mining industry is a leader by volume of attracted funds. In just two months put 932,5 billion tenge (+24,8%). It is 63% of the total investment in fixed assets. In the development of production in January-February, invested 13.5 times more than in the manufacturing industry (or 69.3 billion). Moreover, the latest indicators for the year fell by more than 27%.

The best dynamics in comparison with the beginning of 2019 showed the arts, entertainment and recreation (investment growth 2.3 times). Health and social protection (increase one and a half times), as well as the provision of accommodation and food (+63,5%). Even more (in 3.9 times) increased investment in the field of public administration and defense. However, despite the growth, total investment volumes remain relatively low – about 52.6 billion tenge. In the mining industry invested twice as much in a week.

On the other hand, a number of areas have seen a significant decrease investment. These include construction (only 48.5 per cent from last year’s level), transportation and warehousing (47,8%), trade (63,4%) and professional, scientific and technical activities (40.1 per cent).

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The resident of Atyrau have 100 times more investment than shymkenta

On the average on one inhabitant of the Republic in January-February accounted for 79,4 thousand tenge of investments. But the figure was above the national average have only three regions, all of which are located in the West of Kazakhstan.

  • In Atyrau oblast – almost 1.1 million on average for each inhabitant
  • Mangystau region is 92.3 thousand
  • West Kazakhstan – 156,2 thousand

For comparison: in fourth place is Nur-Sultan with the figure of 67 thousand tenge per person. The worst results in the South. For one resident of Shymkent had 11.1 thousand in investments, the Turkestan region – 14 thousand

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