Coronavirus has changed the direction of investment: the priority health

According to the statistics Committee, in January-March 2020 the total amount of funds directed to fixed capital in the health sector amounted to 16.2 billion tenge. In April 16.7 billion, i.e. more than in the previous three months in total.

About 2.23 billion tenge was invested from the national budget, 1.2 billion from the local

All the rest – from other sources of funding ( i.e. own funds, Bank loans and other borrowings).

A large part of the investment was in two cities – Noor-Sultan and Almaty. In the capital for a month in health care has invested nearly 7 billion tenge, in the southern metropolis 5.1 billion In third place, Almaty oblast – 2,2 billion tenge.

Accordingly, all of the other 14 regions of the Republic had less than 2.5 billion tenge. The smallest in this respect, the support received in April Kyzylorda (1.8 million tenge) and Almaty (1.3 million) of the region.

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Where did the budget?

Even stronger in April increased investment in the category of “Activities in the area of administrative and support services” — more than 17.5 billion tenge, compared with 10.9 billion in the first quarter.

And here from the budget was focused even more than in health: approximately 4.3 billion from the Republican and more than 10.8 billion tenge from local budgets.

The main beneficiary was the Turkestan region is nearly 12.2 billion tenge for April

It should be noted that the role of the Treasury in the total investment volume in April increased significantly. If at the end of the first quarter the share of Republican and local budgets accounted for 5.8% of the total, in April – more than 15.5%. Along with shares increased and the volume of investments: in January-March the total was invested 132.2 billion tenge in April – 112,3 billion.

Most in April was invested in operations with real estate (28 billion tenge), logistics (17.6 billion), and water and waste departments (17.3 billion tenge).

More than a third was invested in one region

By the end of April, the volume of investments into fixed capital in Kazakhstan totaled 722,7 billion tenge. Traditionally the leader by volume of attracted funds was the Atyrau region – 263,3 billion.

That is over one third of all investments were in the main oil region of the Republic. However, this little new –

at the end of 4 months, the share of Atyrau oblast in the total volume of attracted investments is 41.3%

The volumes of some other regions of the country has changed markedly. For example, in Shymkent in April was invested 20.8 billion tenge. Whereas for the previous three months — $ 26.4 billion

On the contrary, a decline in Akmola oblast (14.9 billion in April, against 71.6 billion in the first quarter). And West Kazakhstan — 24,6 and 133 billion tenge, respectively.

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Main line – mining

In the context of types of economic activity the main areas for investment expected was the mining industry. Of the total 722,7 billion tenge 342,2 billion allocated to it here. Indicators of the manufacturing industry in a fraction of 43.7 billion. By the way, after four months in production, invested 9 times more than in processing of 1.66 trillion tenge against 183,8 billion.

On the second place by volumes of attracted funds in April was real estate – 105.6 billion tenge. In transportation and warehousing over the month invested 55.9 billion tenge. The least amount of funds was sent to most types of agriculture. For example, fishing is less than 30 million tenge. Popular with cash flows also do not use professional, scientific and technical activities — 2.9 billion tenge.

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