Who “forgot” 10 billion tenge in the Pension Fund?

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In these accounts, the Kazakhs have accumulated over 10.6 billion tenge less than 0.1% of the total volume of pension savings of Kazakhstani people. With the end of 2019 Single accumulative pension Fund encourages retirees to take their savings. But people ignore the messages of the Fund.

We do not need money

In a press-service of the SAPF edition of MediaPortal 365info said that

all these 174 thousand depositors live

They are also not designed to travel outside of Kazakhstan for permanent place of residence.

— About 80% of those who have used their savings, have become pensioners before October 2018, — told in the Fund. — It was then introduced composite service — pensions from the state budget and payments from the single pension Fund began to take shape in one application.

There are those recipients who having received a pension from the state budget in the framework of composite services would not receive payments from the Fund. To do this, it is sufficient to contact the public service Center’s place of residence.

Valuable mailing

The Fund noted that regularly inform depositors do not withdraw their pension. They send SMS messages, email and correspondence postal address.

— However, this information does not always reach the attention of the recipients — say in the Fund. — Someone reports a change in their personal data — phone numbers and addresses.

Other recipients do not pay attention to our SMS messages, believing them to be spam and deleted without reading

For these reasons, the receipt of payments from the single pension Fund for 2019 applied only 11-12% of recipients.

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