The tenge exchange rate has reached its peak, then only the decline economists

the Beginning of June was marked with tenge strengthening. The ruble also strengthened steadily against the dollar and the Euro. Ahead of the meeting of the countries-participants of the OPEC and the countries not included in it, phas Hodorogea and oil.

How much will weaken tenge?

According to the economist Arman Baganova, in the long term, tenge will weaken.

— Decrease worth waiting until at least the end of the year. But

a strong fall I’m not waiting, our currency may become cheaper by 20-30 tenge

Currently in the United States because of deteriorating economic indicators and what is happening there now unrest is a gradual devaluation of the dollar, and this also played into the hands of tenge.

Bajganov e1511436964248 - The tenge exchange rate has reached its peak, then only the decline economists

Arman Baiganov, source: TV channel “Khabar”

The strengthening of the ruble is also reflected in our currency in a positive way. But it should be borne in mind —

tenge to the ruble will also be cheaper. Parity 1:6,

now one ruble worth of 5.78 tenge. The difference, though it seems imperceptible, but will be significant, says Baiganov.

Internal factor

According to him, should pay attention to the words of the President that the income of “Samruk-Kazyna” at the end of 2020 will be reduced by one trillion tenge. DLa national currency ethe negative economic factor.

It means less money will go to the budget, which is also not in favor of tenge strengthening

But sense to buy dollars now I do not see — it will be more profitable to put money on the tenge Deposit at 12-15% per annum, — the economist believes.

Tenge strengthened: the time to buy the dollar — economists

To grow any longer

Economist Peter Svoik says: tenge in Kazakhstan has no mechanisms to determine the exchange rate. Moving after the ruble. Kazakhstan stock market is too undeveloped in order to focus on it.

— Of course, there are small games traders who are several steps ahead can guess the actions of the National Bank and other players in the local exchange. But big KZT merely repeats the evolution of the ruble.

If to speak about the future trends of strengthening of the ruble and tenge, special prospects in sight

God forbid that both currencies weakened too much. Think

the current strengthening this and stop

Now the acute phase of the war for the oil markets is over, but the redistribution will last more than one year.

3e5834bbcb5d1a962c46c6b67f8ad0ba - The tenge exchange rate has reached its peak, then only the decline economists

Peter Svoik. Photo: Roman Sukhanov

In the meantime, we observed a temporary truce. And it will hold not only the oil prices and the ruble and tenge.

Tenge may fall after the vote on the Constitution in Russia — economist

But the advice to buy dollars, I prefer not to give. After all, even the national Bank today has no idea what will happen to the course after a week or two, not to mention the prospects for the next month, says Pyotr Svoik.

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