Tax incentives to entrepreneurs, whose business is affected — the expert

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According to experts, tax incentives apply to all SMEs fields of activity are identified as the most affected.

And this is regardless of whether in certain government programs. In particular, in the framework of public-private partnership (PPP).

A guaranteed income is not a reason to expect preferences

According to Anuar yermekova, from one entity entrepreneurs often carry out several activities.

— I think there is no need to provide preferences for taxes, if the owner receives a guaranteed income from the state. That is

cancels the calculation and payment of taxes will serve as an additional income

For example, the entrepreneur owns the dining room and simultaneously conducts the restaurant business. Then, in a PPP there is need for tax preferences.

— The final decision on the granting of tax incentives must not infringe on the rights of the entrepreneur. At the same time can be an additional income at the expense of budgetary funds.

Social PPP

The expert of the center said that PPP projects have a strictly social focus.

In many PPP projects the only source of income is income from the state. Here the individual approach in each case.

The analysis showed that tax incentives required for the entrepreneurs whose businesses really suffered because of the lack or reduction of income

The government’s measures for the exemption of SMEs from tax payments, I think, would not require renegotiation of PPP contracts. The state carries out compensation of expenses in fact incurred expenses entrepreneur.

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