The population removes money from the largest banks of Kazakhstan

the Volume of deposits of physical persons in banks of Kazakhstan by the end of may and amounted to 9 trillion 793,2 billion tenge. It 73,3 billion less than in April.

May was the second month in a row during which there was an outflow of deposits. But this is largely not what people take away accumulation, but with a high level of dollarization.

Total deposits decreased on the background of strengthening of tenge and revaluation of foreign currency deposits

Of the 15 largest banks in Kazakhstan with reduction of deposits of the population has faced 12. Exceptions were the banks, demonstrating the stable growth of this index:

  • Kaspibank: +53 billion tenge (up to 1 trillion 671,9 billion tenge). This STB for the second month in a row the leader in growth of deposits of physical persons.
  • The hcsb: +3.8 billion (up to 891,2 billion tenge). Here the growth of savings continues for 45 consecutive months – October 2016
  • Bank home Loan: +3.5 billion (up to a 103.2 billion Tg). Growth continues 11 months in a row ( and 16 of the last 17 times). This Bank became the 13th of the second-tier banks of the Republic, with total deposits of more than 100 billion tenge

As for the remaining banks of the top 15, then there was quite a serious outflow: total – for of 123.1 billion tenge.

The quality of the loan portfolio of banks has improved, but the volume of toxic loans on the maximum

Half of them 67,1 billion tenge has fallen to “people’s Bank”. However, by the standards of this STB, it is a small volume – a decline of just 1.9%. From banks less draws attention to the decline in contributions to local minima in two. In Tengri bank – to the level of July, 2018, in Kassa nova – to the level of December of the same year.

The business increased its deposits

The contributions of the business in may on the contrary increased by KZT 19.7 bln to 9.2 trillion.

The growth occurred in 6 of the top ten banks, and 6 of the 17 other STB. That is, most of the growth was provided by large banks. However, was the absolute leader of Bank RBK that the top is not included. During the month the volume of deposits of legal entities grew up by 39.3 billion tenge or 31.1 per cent. Bank deposits have been increasing for 3 consecutive months, and now they are at the maximum level since December, 2017 — 165,8 billion tenge.

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At the maximum, from April 2019, level is the volume of deposits of legal entities in “Bank CenterCredit” — 444,9 billion tenge with increase by 29.4 billion over the last month the indicator has been growing for three months. Indicators Tengri bank opposite is now at least may 2016 – 24 billion (-3,7 billion in may).

Liabilities of banks fell again

In General, liabilities of Kazakh banks, the third month in a row, declined. In may and 53.2 billion tenge to 24.4 trillion tenge. The reduction occurred in 17 out of 27 Kazakhstani Bank, in 12 of them – at least for the second month in a row. The strongest reduction ( 85.5 billion tenge) occurred in the “people’s Bank”. To prevent a more significant fall has been due significantly to the growth in Kaspi bank and bank Jysan (both + 74,5 billion tenge).

Vacation credit does not cancel the negative effects for parties — a chance to survive — expert

On the background of growth in the loan portfolio slightly increased and the total assets of banks by 32 billion tenge. Their total volume amounted to 28 trillion 154 billion tenge. For the second month in a row the leader in the growth becomes Kaspi bank (+93.3 billion tenge), but to catch up with “Sberbank” and log on to second place in the list of the largest Kazakhstani Bank just don’t have: the daughter of a Russian Bank ahead of the 35.7 billion.

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7 banks worked for a month in the negative

In may Kazakh banks earned a total of slightly less than 45.8 billion tenge. Indicator is not the best (average in Jan-may – 61.7 billion tenge per month), but it is much higher than the April level (14 billion).

Traditionally, a significant part of the income is divided between “people’s Bank” (21.7 billion) and Kaspi bank (17.1 billion). In addition, attention indicators “Alfa Bank”. During the month the excess of current income over expenditure after income tax payments here totaled nearly 4.4 billion tenge. This is a record monthly figure since at least the beginning of 2016.

However, profit at the end of may can not boast of all.

Seven BVU has worked a month in minus. In addition, for Jysan Bank “Nurbank” and Capital bank Kazakhstan it is the second month in a row, for “Eurasian Bank” — the third, and AsiaCredit Bank – already the thirteenth.

At the end of 5 months of 2020 in Kazakhstan 4 BOM has worked in a minus. The largest of them – “Nurbank”, the current expenses which exceed income by 39.9 billion tenge. For comparison: Sberbank, Eurasian Bank, Zhilstroysberbank and AMB collectively earned in January-may, slightly less than 38.7 billion in Addition, the disadvantage of going Tengri bank (-4,1 billion), Capital bank (1.6 million billion) and AsiaCredit bank (-1,8 billion).

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