Pickles, towels and hats: what inflation broke up in December

once again a driver of inflation was food items. In December, their value increased by 1.1% for the year by 9.6%. However, annual food inflation fell for the first time in 14 months in November, it was 9.7%.

Not without the traditional growth of prices for vegetables. Their cost before the New year, grew by 6.4%. Growth mainly came from the cucumbers and tomatoes. While the products are less susceptible to seasonality or slightly more expensive (potato – 0.2%, cabbage – by 1.4%), or were cheaper (carrots and onions – 0.7%).

The growth of prices in the country was very uneven. Hardest new year’s jump was felt by Almaty residents – the cost of vegetables rebounded for the month of 15.3%. In Pavlodar region the growth was 8.1%. While in Mangystau oblast the prices rose by only 1%.

As for fruits, there were no such a sharp rise is 1.7%. While in Nur-Sultan and Aktobe region, were even more accessible by 0.2% and 0.6% respectively.

The growth of prices for some products have slowed down

But more expensive and less Christmas products. For example, buckwheat. For 16 consecutive weeks (starting from the second decade of September) it grows in value faster than any socially important goods. The peak occurred in October (+10,5%) and November (+12,3%), but prices increased in December by 3.8%. Slightly decreased the growth rate of prices for flour: in December it has risen 2 percent against 4.1 percent a month earlier.

Among the dynamics of prices for other products should be noted:

  • The increase in meat prices slowed to 0.6%. In December 2017 and 2018, it rose in price by 0.8%. Moreover, in the past month in Almaty became more affordable bird (-2,6%) and pork (-0.8%), in the Turkestan region – poultry meat (about -2.5%). Just 2019, the cost of meat in Kazakhstan increased by 13.2%.
  • Without a sharp rise in price of alcohol. 2011 new year’s eve month alcoholic beverages rose in price on average by 0.8%. In 2019 – 0.4%.
  • The recession went on and the rising prices of eggs, which traditionally become more expensive in the second half of the year. In August-November, prices have increased by 21.7% in December to 3.1%
  • For the seventh consecutive month cheaper sugar. At the end of December prices fell by 4.5%. Just 2019, the price of sugar decreased by 21.6%.

Gloves and towels are dispersed inflation

Non-food goods at the end of December rose in price by 0.6% — a maximum since November, 2018. Nevertheless, the annual growth was relatively small – 5% vs 6.4% a year earlier. The cost of paid services increased by 0.7% (in December – by 0.3%) versus 4.5% a year earlier.

Before the new year a driver of the inflation was not the usual goods and services. In particular:

  • the cost of the Shoe repair in the whole country increased by 1.5% (prices of new shoes grew by 0.7%)
  • cleaning, repair and hire of clothing rose 1.2%
  • on the same a 1.2% increase in the price of goods and headwear
  • prices on towels and other household textile products increased by 1.1%

The sellers of hats, gloves and towels raised before the new year prices more than the owners of the restaurants and beauty salons. Kazakhstan’s overall catering services rose by 0.8%. Stronger than in Almaty (2,3%), Almaty (2.2%) and North Kazakhstan (2.1%) regions. With regard to establishments personal service, then the prices increased by 0.6% (RMS of 2.4%, Nur-Sultan – 2.2 per cent). This is less than, for example, in April and may of this year.


  • Hot water continues to decrease. In General, in Kazakhstan in December, the tariffs decreased by 0.2%. It happened due to lower prices in Almaty region (by 1.9%). In 2019 Republic services fell by 6.1 per cent
  • But some other utilities are rising in price. Because of the growth rates in Mangistau region (+3.4 percent), the cost of electricity in the whole of Kazakhstan increased by 0.1%. As rose and Central heating. The growth of tariffs occurred in Akmola (+12,7%) and West Kazakhstan (+1,5%) regions and in Almaty and Mangystau prices fell by 1.9% and 1.8% respectively.
  • For the seventh consecutive month more expensive train tickets. In December, their value increased by 0.9%. During the year, the trains became more expensive by 4.1%. Air travel during the same period fell by 7.9%.

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