Toll roads in Kazakhstan were too expensive, according to deputies

the Very innovation was accompanied by a broad information campaign.

11 thousand km of roads will be paid

After a few months it’s time to take stock. And, according to representatives of the public Association “Society of assistance to automobilists” (OSA), they are unsatisfactory.

In OO said that the domestic car enthusiasts from the beginning were skeptical of the initiative — or rather, its implementation. Now pessimism is justified.

First, they promised a rate of 1 tenge per 1 kilometer, but when the fundraiser began, the stakes were different. In fairness it should be noted that the area of Almaty-Khorgos passenger still, the fee was almost the same as promised. But on the other two — more. For buses and trucks is much higher tariffs were everywhere. The men even made a detailed spreadsheet.

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But there was one caveat, about who “I” even cars. This rate is valid only by prepayment by electronic means.

Cash to put into the bill acceptor on the road is also possible, but the fare would cost twice the price

Social activists said that questions and requests to “get the story” fell from motorists from the beginning of commissioning of toll roads.

Four times more expensive than could be

The NGO representatives claim that the advance payment is 50% of the traffic — so they said during a meeting with the leadership of “QazAvtoJol”. That is half at best, others prefer cash. In the EFE believe that doubling the price in this case is too much. By the way, on the same complained and motorists.

“Air Astana” or airports: who makes tickets expensive?

— The road in other countries is the difference in wagering in cash and in advance, but it does not exceed 25%, which is less than 100% of the difference in Kazakhstan.

At the same meeting, the representatives of the “QazAvtoJol” supposedly claimed to have invented this principle to accustom drivers to pay in advance.

However, the community has also offered his method – non-tariff incentives. Just leave cash for the Board only two lanes, removing the validators on the other. But the price should be the same everywhere. It is clear that on these two lanes, people will lose time – that actually also will serve as an impetus to develop electronic payment methods.

But the consumer’s wallet to suffer will be gone

Rates for trucks public men felt to be too high.

From March 2019, we do not stop to ask questions of various departments, said the Association.

Reduce your bets, gentlemen

With the same issues, the social activists appealed to the Majilis. The other day the leader of the Communist faction Aikyn Konurov announced a parliamentary inquiry to Prime Minister Askar Mamin.

— Conducted OO “OSA” pre-calculation of profitability showed that

the resulting profit in 7 months of 2019 in the amount of approximately 481 million tenge

it is quite possible to lower interest rates for trucks and the introduction of the above rates for passenger vehicles — said the majilisman.

Social activists suggested that, as parliamentarians duplicated:

  • To implement the technology, the openness and transparency of tariff setting in “QazAvtoJol”.
  • Given the lack of alternative ways to reduce the rates of toll sections of roads, applying the formula of 1 tenge – 1 kilometre for passenger transport.
  • To cancel a differentiated fare when the cash payments two times higher than the rate on the prepaid system.
  • To make changes to the methodology of formation of tariffs for toll road sections to reduce its size for trucks with a capacity over 15 tons.

If revenues equal expenses on the maintenance of the toll road

“QazAvtoJol” shall suspend the collection of funds in the current period and to initiate the procedure to reduce the following

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