A tax increase is appropriate in a growing economy not in crisis — analyst

once out of the capital began to hear the first bells of the coming increase in taxes in the business environment of the murmur.

News about the planned twice a year to increase excise taxes on gasoline also did not remain without reaction

On the one hand, the budget during the crisis in the oil market and the quarantine was badly battered. But on the other, these

force majeure on their knees too many sectors of the economy, to finish off the remaining higher taxes

Who is right, says the analyst Daniyar Ashimbayev.

The cost is, money — no

— Do you think now is the time to follow the path of higher taxes? Or another option the state has no?

Any sane economist who knows the basics of Economics and have practical experience in this sphere, can tell that there is always a limit for the maximum efficiency of tax collection. Especially when it is a tool to revitalize the economy.

But we see that in Kazakhstan as a tool for economic recovery tax revenues are not used at all

It is used to solve budget problems.

As recently stated by the head of state, because of suppression of coronavirus budget suffered a giant, billions of dollars in losses. This statement caused a mild surprise. But because we had to explain what was meant. But questions about the cost of new hospitals, spending in terms of quarantine and other expenses.

Ashimbaev e1480936775268 - A tax increase is appropriate in a growing economy not in crisis — analyst

Daniyar Ashimbayev

We see that to reduce government spending was not. Then the President appealed to quasivector with a request to send 100% of the profits to the shareholder, i.e. the state. And national companies that request almost did not react.

Literally recently it became known that the Ministry of culture intends to spend 100 billion tenge for the digitalization of archives

Experts call this amount inflated at least 20 times. Yes, and do not need at the moment such expenditure. 500 million tenge was allocated for the development of a new national brand. Fall will begin the commemoration of the Golden Horde.

That is, instead of having to reduce unnecessary budget expenditures for the above me of the event, and the President himself have repeatedly said holes trying to fill increasing fiscal pressure on the economy.

The new feeder?

But not all lost the ability to pay taxes, right?

— Yes, the same quasivector. But there aggressively talking about a large load of credits, therefore all the money goes. For some reason, nobody asks national companies, how and why they organized this debt. So higher taxes caused a negative response from business and experts.

Attempts to shift the senseless costs on the shoulders of the business that needs to maintain jobs and to solve socio-economic problems of the country, puzzling

I have repeatedly written that our economic strategy is neither competence nor common sense in recent years is no different. In this regard, the tax increase would be appropriate in a growing economy. Now such measures is questionable, and whether they are adequate?

Need a long-term economic strategy, rather than the constant throwing right and left. That’s when they adopted the long-term rules of the game, you can make some decisions. Now

it looks like the only option to fill budget holes due to the failure of quasivector and the banking lobby to help the state

But will only finish off what works.

There is a discussion of the introduction of new car recycling fee on farm machinery. What will it entail? Increased pressure on farms. Then you can think about the marking of the goods and other programs.

Instead, to optimize the public administration, introduced new feeders

Fees for disposal of vehicles is a vivid example. Scandals were about raider weaning working of the business. It is clear that it is necessary to understand each case, but the trend is something there. The feeling that the level of competence when making decisions on the economy in the country was below the plinth.

The President-the economist

Is wrong, report to the President or in the Cabinet over economic specialists?

— Most of the Ministers fully versed in the issues. But mostly they generate sectoral problems. But the question here is about economic policy in General.

I see it like this: the President has realized that he has nobody to rely on in such matters, therefore, some thesis tries to generate itself. Apparently, there is no competent advisers on the economy and the presidential administration. Ministry – the more on operational management than planning. Here and have the feeling that the economy in Kazakhstan there is no one answer.

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