Will the closure of the borders with Russia and Kyrgyzstan to the shortage of food?

the Closure of borders and imposition of quarantine in the two largest cities of the Republic complicates international trade. Food import in Kazakhstan, but it must pass the enhanced veterinary control. Such posts on the borders with Russia and Kyrgyzstan, there are 32.

According to the Ministry of agriculture,

for the entire 2019 checks were 213 cars from the beginning of 2020 is already 93

How critical for Kazakhstan, the products from these countries?

Meat: the year began with growth

In 2019 from Russia to our country were imported 30.3 thousand tons of meat and offal. The total volume of transactions amounted to 43.4 million dollars. This is significantly less than 2018 while the import volume amounted to 75 thousand tons ($51,5 million).

Will Kazakhstan be able to feed themselves during the outbreak of coronavirus?

Thus, the price of Russian meat and offal during the year more than doubled. If in 2018 it amounted to an average of $ 686 per tonne in 2019 – 1 432 dollars.

2020 started with import growth. In January from Russia to Kazakhstan were imported 2.3 million tons, is one and a half times more than the year before. The value of imports is growing even faster – by 57% (to $2.9 million). At the same time Russia gives way to the main supplier from the CIS, and in December 2019 and January 2020, the most active of the post-Soviet countries Kazakhstan meat sells Belarus.

In the first month of the current year

Belarusian meat imported 2.5 million tons (7.4 million dollars), five times more than in January 2019

As for meat from Kyrgyzstan, in Kazakhstan, it is a rarity – according to official data, in 2018-19, and was brought in and 200 tons, and in January 2020 supply was not at all.

For comparison: according to the statistics Committee, in 2019 in Kazakhstan was made 289 thousand tons of meat and by-products, and the volume of output grew by 9.8%. In other words, the domestic demand for meat of domestic consumer expenditures to 84.6%.

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Milk: the importation falls for the fifth consecutive year

Imports of milk and cream in 2019 decreased. And last but not least due to reductions in volumes from Russia. During the year the physical volume of purchases has decreased from 17.3 to 13.7 thousand tons, i.e. more than 21%.

In monetary terms, the decrease was 14.6 percent to 19.3 million dollars. Almost a quarter increased supplies from Kyrgyzstan – with 10.4 million ($6.4 million) to 13 tons ($6.9 million).

In January 2020, the opposite occurred. Russia has increased the supply of milk and cream in Kazakhstan doubled (up to 1.8 tons — $3.2 million), while Kyrgyzstan has reduced by 13.9% (to 0.9 thousand tons and us $0.5 million).

A lot or a little? In 2019 our own production of milk and cream topped 556,5 thousand tonnes, showing the growth to 2018 of 3.4%. That is, the indicators of the domestic production of significantly higher imports.

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Vegetable oil: imports stable

Russia provides almost three-quarters of Kazakhstan’s total imports of vegetable oils and fats. By the end of 2019, the total volume made up of 130.7 thousand tons – this roughly corresponds to the levels 2018 (129,9 thousand). The value of imports declined. The total volume of transactions fell from up to 94.4 to 106.2 million dollars, that is more than 10%.

I wonder what the Russian manufacturers are gradually yielding our market is Indonesia (1.3 million tons, an increase of 10 times), and Malaysia (3.5 thousand tons, increase by half).

Own production in Kazakhstan is also growing. In 2019, was released 484,4 thousand tons. This is by 24.6% more than in 2018.

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Sugar: production is falling and imports growing

Import of sugar from Russia in the early 2020 has increased dramatically. If in January, 2019 in Kazakhstan were imported, 10.1 thousand tons of production a year later – 34.4 thousand Increased the cost of transactions – from 5.2 to 12.1 million dollars.

This happens on the background of the catastrophic reduction of its own production. In February 2020, for example, Kazakhstani manufacturers have released at least 2.2 thousand tons. Over the past 7 years, the monthly volume was lower only twice. In December 2015, has made at least 1.5 million tons in July 2018 — 824 tons.

The production after two months amounted to 14.8% from January-February of 2019. Thus, for one month only from Russia to Kazakhstan imported more sugar than in the Republic is made for two.

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