Industry of Kazakhstan is growing in spite of global trends

Regions in which there is a decrease in the production of steel Zhambyl (-5,6%) and Kyzylorda (-11,2%) region. In the first case, it happened due to the reduction of production of sugar and phosphorus, and the second because of lower oil production.

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Mechanical engineering has grown by a third

Growth driver is manufacturing. After two months of STIs increased by 9.4%. Continues significant growth in the engineering industry. According to the statistics Committee, the production of cars, trailers and semi-trailers increased by 72.2%, other transport – by 95.5%. In particular:

  • 2 months off the Assembly line trucks — 1 091 units. In January-February 2019 – 150 units
  • production of buses increased from 115 to 207 units
  • legkovyh vehicles – with 5 to 11 552 136 units
  • freight cars – from 1 to 32 units

In addition, a 13.5% increase in the production of electrical equipment. In General engineering compared with the previous year, gained 29%.

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Ferrous metallurgy has not yet recovered

Increased power and other sectors of the economy. For example, the manufacture of tobacco products compared to the first two months of 2019 increased by 18.5%. Even stronger rising rates of production of drugs: the drugs industry + 25.3 percent. The production of non-metallic products increased by 24.7%.

As for metallurgy, the growth amounted to 8.2%. Non-ferrous metallurgy and production of precious metals has improved performance by 7.9%. Indicators of ferrous metallurgy a bit more solid and 8.7%. However, this occurs against the backdrop of the poor performance of the previous year.

For example, the output of flat rolled products in January-February 2020 was 327.5 thousand tons is considerably more than in 2019 (182,7 thousand tons). But less than in the previous 5 years: the average for the first two months of the 2014-18 — 409 thousand tons.

Of all the manufacturing industries the decline is observed only in one. Performance of the production products of chemical industry in comparison with the beginning of 2019 decreased by 4.6%.

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Production lags

Indices of production in mining industry increased by 4.7%. That is, the extraction in the Republic is increasing twice slower processing. Then the driver acts as iron ore. Her IPP in comparison with January-February 2019 rose by 21.1%. Even more (24.1%) increased the volume of services provided in mining industry.

As for oil production, then indicators of industrial production increased by 2.1%. According to official data, for two months in Kazakhstan produced approximately 13.4 million tonnes of “black gold”. Natural gas production during this time amounted to 10.1 billion cubic meters by 4.1% more than the beginning of 2019. But coal mining is not so good: the volume decreased from 19.9 to 19.3 million tons.

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