The real estate market 2019: Nur-Sultan, the highest prices, and in Almaty — demand

In December, the demand for real estate in Almaty broke all records. Over a month has sold 5 481 apartments and houses. This is the highest figure for at least the past two years.

For comparison: the number of transactions in comparison with December 2018 increased by 65.1%

Moreover, every fifth of December the sale of housing was carried out in Almaty.

Increased interest in real estate in Almaty became one of the trends of the last year. For the 12 months here was purchased 50 717 units of residential property. This:

  • 35.2% more than in 2018
  • 20.4% more than the nearest competitor (Noor Sultan)
  • 15.8 percent of all transactions in Kazakhstan

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How did this affect prices?

The increased demand pushed prices up. During the year, the cost per square meter in new buildings rose by 29.8 thousand — to 357,2 thousand tenge. While the strongest growth occurred in the fall. Only in September-November, the square of new housing rose by 18.1 thousand tenge.

But to save money, choosing a property on the secondary market of Almaty, is unlikely to succeed, it is even more expensive. The average cost of a square meter of secondary housing increased by 22.3 thousand tenge, rising to over 360 thousand

Therefore, investments in real estate in Almaty 2019 was quite favorable: rates have been rising since November of 2018, and continuously.

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The demand for Moscow real estate reduced

Nur-Sultan became the only city of the country, where home sales in the IV quarter of 2019 was worse than in 2018. According to the Committee on statistics, in October sales fell 2.2% in November and by 12.8% in December – 10.8%

Nevertheless, at the end of the year the number of transactions of sale were higher than the 2018 9.6%. Only this time it sold 42 of 127 apartments and houses. More sold only in Almaty.

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Metropolitan housing became the most expensive

Square meter of housing in the capital more than anywhere else. 2019 secured overdue earlier trend: the prices on the secondary housing and apartments in Nur-Sultan higher than in Almaty.

According to official data, the square of new housing added to the cost for the year of 32.5 thousand tenge (from them 13,6 million in the fourth quarter), reaching 373,7 thousand price Growth in new buildings has finished 11 of the past 13 months.

As for the secondary market, then prices rise less – only 4 times a year (in April, they even went down). However, this has not prevented the housing to rise by 17.8 thousand tenge. According to the latest official data, the average price per square meter is 363,8 tenge.

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Records Of Shymkent

The third city of the Republican value is remembered by the growth of prices on the secondary market. Here he has no equal: for the year square real estate has grown from 28.2% (at the average national rate at 6.2%). In absolute terms the price has increased from 170,2 to 218,2 thousand tenge. Total – 48 plus thousand in the square in just 12 months. The cost of new buildings in the city is growing more slowly: +13 thousand tenge (4.1 percent).

How this affects the number of transactions? During the year there were sold 14 387 apartments and houses — more than a year earlier. However, it is impossible to say exactly how much. Data on deals in Shymkent began to be conducted only after it became a city of national importance (summer 2018). Thus, according to available data, in the second half of 2019, the average sales were 18% higher than a year earlier.

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Trends 2019

  • About a third of the volume of transactions by region of Kazakhstan became the Karaganda region. During the year it sold 32 930 apartments and houses. This is 23.3% higher than a year earlier.
  • Least of all housing is sold in Kyzylorda oblast for the year, only 6 846 trades. But this is by 34.5% more than in 2018.
  • In General, in Kazakhstan the number of transactions increased by 21% over the year-sold a little over 320 thousand units of residential property. Growth is in all regions, except Mangystau region, whose sales remained at the level of 2018.
  • The most active month was July, almost 32,5 thousand transactions. Lowest activity came on March – 19 132.

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What else is important to know about the prices

  • The cost of new housing in 2019 increased by 6.4% (to 292,9 thousand tenge). The biggest increase in Kostanaj (+14%) and Uralsk (+12,5%). In General, prices rose in 9 out of 16 major cities. And only one, Ust-Kamenogorsk, fell flat – square in this city has become more accessible to 4.5%.
  • The lowest prices in Petropavlovsk, Taraz. The cost per square meter here is 140 thousand tenge. But the houses are built on the program “Nurly jer”. The most expensive new buildings in Nur-Sultan and Almaty.
  • A secondary housing for the year has become more expensive by 6.2% (up to 199.5 thousand tenge). Growth has occurred in 17 of the 18 surveyed major cities. In addition to Shymkent, a significant increase in the cost occurred in Kyzylorda (+9,6%) and Kostanay (+9%).
  • The only city (of the 18), where the secondary remained at the same level, became Aktau. Price the last time it was changed in December 2018 (249,3 thousand tenge).

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