Seasonal rise in prices and municipal tariffs: it has risen in price in November

Despite the hype in the corridors of power on the issue of cost containment, to stop the rising cost of food is not possible.

In November, food inflation in the Republic amounted to 1.2% is the highest since February of this year.

Over the last 12 months products rose by 9.7%, continuing to accelerate inflation

Partly this affects the seasonal growth of prices. For example, the price of eggs in November increased by 6.6%. This increase is nothing extraordinary there: the eggs are traditionally cheaper in the first half, and in the fall begin to appreciate rapidly. Now, however, their cost is 10.6% higher than they were a year ago.

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Inflation affects and vegetables (November to 3.7%). But at the same time become more affordable principal vegetable products. Fell:

• potatoes — by 1.1%;

• carrots – 1%;

• bow – 2.2%;

• cabbage – by 1.7%.

That is, prices moved up vegetables, the import dependency of which is high – for example, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Flour is getting more expensive at a record pace

Continued rising prices for grocery products. So, in November, once again significantly more expensive meal (from 4.1%). This was the highest monthly growth of more than 7 years (in August 2012 it has increased in price by 5.6%).

Accordingly, expensive and flour products. So, pasta in November rose in price by 2%, bread – by 1.6%.

Meanwhile, the rapidly growing cost of buckwheat (once per month by 12.3%, a record for the last 5 years). In mid-November at a meeting of the government the authorities explained the growth of prices for this type of cereal as reducing our own sowing in Kazakhstan and a weak harvest in Russia.

It is worth noting that decreased the growth rate of meat prices. In November, the increase was 0.5%, given that in the last six months the average rate was kept at 1.5%. From the General trend just knocked horse (November +1,5%), the prices of beef and mutton rose 0.3%, pork – by 0.1%.

Sugar cheaper for six months

The November decline was 5.2%. Over the past year, sugar became more accessible 18.1%. The fact is that in the former Soviet Union it very much, so suppliers are forced to reduce prices. While the government plans to develop domestic production is not affected.

“The saturation of the domestic market of the sugar to build two new plants, to modernize the three existing sugar factories, as well as to increase of sugar beet. Implementation of these measures on import substitution will allow to 2024 to saturate the domestic market to 80 and 100% of domestic production, with the involvement of sector of the order of 770 billion tenge investment in fixed capital,” — said on 3 December at the government meeting the Minister of agriculture Saparkhan Omarov.

69d03fd94a7015971f279f3bf83fc6af - Seasonal rise in prices and municipal tariffs: it has risen in price in November

Communal went into growth

Non-food goods and paid services in November rose 0.5%. A significant contribution utility rates. So, rose:

  • hot water — 4.6%,
  • cold water – by 0.3%,
  • Central heating – by 0.4%,
  • electricity – by 0.5%,
  • gas – by 0.2%.

However, even despite that, now utilities much cheaper than a year ago. But the current trend shows that companies refuse artificial restraint of tariffs, and therefore have to wait for further increase.

But a little gasoline fell by 0.1%. Now it is happening regularly (prices declined for the 8th time in 11 months). However, it soon about this, apparently, will have to forget. Increase in excise duties on petrol since the new year 10% impact on the cost of fuel for consumers. But replenish the budget.

“This (increase in excise duties — ed.) will additionally collect a little more than 50 billion tenge. There is another factor is gasoline prices in neighbouring countries, particularly in Russia. You know that we have today, the price of a liter of AI-92 order 163 tenge per liter. While in the neighboring country – 260 tenge per liter. Accordingly, there is a massive export of oil products of the Republic to Russia. We have to take measures to limit the export of petroleum products by road. Therefore, the increase in gasoline prices is small. But I had to keep in mind these two factors,” said December 3 the Minister of Finance Alikhan Smailov.

By the way, diesel fuel is already more expensive: in November the price rose 1.7%. It compensated for all the previous reduction: the price of a liter of diesel fuel in the Republic is 1.5% higher than a year ago.

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