The average salary in Nur-Sultan is growing twice as fast as in the whole country

According to the Committee of the RK on statistics, the average salary of Kazakhstan in the third quarter of 2019 made 191,1 thousand tenge. This is almost 30 thousand more than in July-September 2018.

However, only in 5 regions the level was above the national average. In Atyrau, West Kazakhstan and Mangistau regions and Almaty and Nur-Sultan. The difference in pay in the two largest cities of the country varies more.

According to official data, the average salary in the capital in the third quarter of this year amounted to 308,1 thous. tenge. In Almaty 222 thousand, i.e. almost 40% less.

The growth rate in Nur-Sultan also much higher. For the year

the salary of the average resident of the capital grew by 67.4, while the Almaty – 26.4 thousand

That is, in the southern metropolis of wages rising even more slowly than the average for the Republic, but in the capital – twice rapidly.

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Who gets the most

However, the difference in salary form not ordinary residents of the capital. According to the statistics Committee, in the 3rd quarter of 2019, the highest salary in the Nur-Sultan were the employees of the financial and insurance sectors. The average monthly income of each 1 million 815,2 thousand tenge.

While a year ago the earnings of bankers and insurers were much more modest – 510,5 thousand tenge. That is, for 12 months, the average salary rose by 1.3 million tenge — in 3.6 times. By the way, after a sharp increase in wages

  • the financial and insurance sectors came in first place in Kazakhstan at the average level of wages. Average earnings in the 12 months to the Republic increased by was 167.2 thousand
  • Nur-Sultan became the city with the highest rate of wage growth. And the average size of the capital just ahead of Atyrau oblast.

Earnings Almaty representatives of the financial sector is much lower. For the year wages here grew only by 12 thousand, and its average size in the banking and insurance sectors made up 433,4 thousand.. Thus, the difference in wages between cities is nearly 4.5 times.

Who else?

In both cities, registered a lot of companies operating in the fields of mining and quarrying. And the salary is also much higher than the average Kazakhstanis.

For example, in Almaty are paying an average of 752 per month – it 198,9 thousand more than the year before. But here, the southern metropolis loses the capital. Nur-Sultan on the same specialties salary is higher (1 million 279.3 thousand per month) and growing faster (+307,3 thousand). Total: the difference in the average salary in the mining industry is 527,3 thousand tenge.

Almaty is much inferior to many other positions. For example:

  • The average salary of workers employed in professional, scientific and technical activities of Nur-Sultan above to 273,6 thousand: 589,8 (+73.8 per thousand) against 316,1 (+80 thousand) thousand tenge.
  • In the arts, entertainment and recreation capital salary above 2.2 times: 327,2 vs. 148.5 thousand tenge.
  • Even officials in Nur-Sultan get so much more. The average salary in the public administration and defense and compulsory social security in the third quarter amounted to 275,5 thousand in the capital and 171,1 thousand in Almaty.
  • The average salary in the building and construction, information and communication, Nur-Sultan, above 80 thousand tenge in education – 57 thousand, in health care – by 37.8 thousand

Someone in Almaty pay more?

However, in a number of areas of activity salary in Almaty is higher than in the Nur-Sultan. The biggest difference – 67,1 thousand in the “all other services”. Here, for example, are the repair of computers, personal use items and household goods, etc. In Almaty for it in the average pay 345,5 thousand tenge (+1.7 million per year), Nur-Sultan – 278,4 thousand (+25.8 million).

A year ago the city workers, in transportation and warehousing, receiving more Almaty colleagues. But now the situation has changed. Nur-Sultan, the average salary decreased by 7.7 thousand (up to 262,9 thousand), but in Almaty jumped as much as 52 thousand (up to 284,1 thousand).

More Metropolitan colleagues get in the southern metropolis and sellers – 223,8 against 206,9 thousand Similarly in the field of real estate – 191.8 thousand of 203.3 against the list of occupations which in the South are paid better ends.

In all other cases the average wage is higher in Nur-Sultan.

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