Expert “deciphered” the idea to tax remittances Kaspi Gold

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Here begins some inconsistencies. The Tax Code really is the concept of “monitoring”, but this does not apply to natural persons and to those who receive remittances to a Bank card.

In addition, all information about the movement of money in the Bank account, including the card, is banking secrecy and protected by law. Access to this information, the tax authorities can obtain only in exceptional cases, for example, when a tax audit.


“monitor” the movement of the card account of every citizen of Kazakhstan will not work, so how to open a tax audit for each taxpayer who received the transfer of money, an impossible task

What about the taxable incomes of physical persons independently:

  • the Tax Code is very meager list of income on which the person must submit tax accounts and calculate income tax. This despite the fact that there are 49 different types of income and payments to individuals, which are not treated as income for tax purposes.
  • not all of these types of income can be credited to the card, but you need to know, for example, that the income tax arises on receipt of payments to physical person for the sale of his personal property.

Citizens ‘ rights and banking secrecy

Further, the following quote: “It’s then checked. The tax service will check. Likely be introduced the status of payment which is the translation: for a product or charity. That is, the ranking shall be carried out, all payments must be marked. If passes close to the support is one kind of, if buying other commodity, the check you receive. It won’t be sold b/u bike and immediately pay us the tax.”

It apparently refers to possible measures of banking compliance and those amendments to the law on tax administration, which would like to introduce the Deputy Minister.

But so far, nothing in the current legislation is not, and the possibility of making such changes is questionable. Because

this is at odds with the existing model of tax administration and infringes on the rights of citizens in the issue of Bank secrecy

How such measures, even if they are implemented, will significantly help tax administration for individuals is also a big issue. As the informativeness of this system is low.

The true purpose of the tax

So in summary, of course, is not easy at all and immediately understand, and not a specialist. As it tried to make the Vice-Minister.

Such a conclusion after his speech, Mr. Sholpankulov has not distinguished between the income of natural persons subject to taxation of their personal income from business activities. At last, most likely, “targeted” Fiscals.

However, to identify entrepreneurs who understate their income or citizens engaged in entrepreneurial activities without proper registration, do not need such methods. They are notoriously inefficient and difficult to implement”, summed up Karin.

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