In seven regions of VKO will blow the ice

In the risk zone of the river Bukhtarma, Turgusun in the district of Altai, in and UBA Shemonaikha Borodulikha areas, Glubochanka and Ulba in Glubokovsky district, reports MIA “Kazinform“. According to the DES EKR, a high probability of formation of slope flows from the highlands in Urdzhar and Kokpektinsky areas. The Department explained that currently the cleaning of bridges and culverts on national and regional roads. Removed more than 816,5 thousand cubic meters of snow.…

"In seven regions of VKO will blow the ice"

For the residents of the capital put unsatisfactory akim Kulginov

Residents of the capital anxiously await the massive snowmelt, a source of constant traffic jams, accidents, and injuries of the winter season in 2020. Someone with bitter irony, asks: “Could you just call in the mayors of Noah before it’s too late?”. Others ask, when will call to account the current Governor of Altay Kulginov. When Isekesheva this was not Metropolitan life without pathos and embellishment – not reports of local officials from the stands.…

"For the residents of the capital put unsatisfactory akim Kulginov"

Adviser Bulat Bakauov fired

Grounds for dismissal of the official was the recommendation of the ethics Council under the Department for civil service Affairs of Pavlodar region reports Amanolla Kozybayev appeared in the scandalous record of illegal cancellation of tender for purchase of medical equipment by 1.8 billion tenge. At his direction, the Deputy head of the Department of health of Pavlodar region Yerlan Yerzhanov had to change the list of already announced for purchasing medical equipment. After…

"Adviser Bulat Bakauov fired"

Coronavirus kills at least 15 million people — analysts

Analysts from the Australian national University in Business Insider thought the seven scenarios, according to the Daily Mail. The most favorable scenario based on pandemic influenza in Hong Kong in the years 1968/1969, which killed almost a million people. This scenario also includes a reduction in global GDP of 2.4 trillion dollars. India and China will lose millions of people in the USA, killed more than 230,000 people. Thinking the worst forecast of experts was…

"Coronavirus kills at least 15 million people — analysts"

The bus brought down the schoolboy on a pedestrian crossing in oral

The accident occurred on March 6, Avenue Abulkhair Khan, reports Now set all the circumstances of the accident. The driver is in the police Department. Initiated pre-trial investigation. The heads of the motor transportation enterprise serving this route stated that the driver was an experienced driver. According to eyewitnesses, the student ran across the road on the flashing green light. 11-year-old boy is hospitalized in regional children’s hospital in serious condition. He was diagnosed…

"The bus brought down the schoolboy on a pedestrian crossing in oral"

In Italy the pilot managed to land the helicopter after it hit the roof

The incident occurred during the approach to one of the hospitals in Verona. After the collision the helicopter was tossed from side to side, but the pilot was able to regain control. It should be noted that on Board were several people. [embedded content] Helicopter some time circling over the hospital, then landed on the Parking lot near the building. Anybody from passengers has not suffered.

"In Italy the pilot managed to land the helicopter after it hit the roof"

Nursultan Nazarbayev met with Dmitry Medvedev

The President greeted the high guest, noting the high level of bilateral cooperation between Kazakhstan and Russia in all spheres, the press service of the First President of Kazakhstan. “We work with you for a long time, always found a common language and understanding. As you know, I resigned as President. I now, by law, have the status of President of the Security Council. So we are colleagues again. Let’s get to work, to exchange…

"Nursultan Nazarbayev met with Dmitry Medvedev"

Scientists gave evidence of life on Mars

This is stated in the report of the astrobiologists from the University of Washington (USA), reports RadioSputnik. Tifany encountered on the Ground — in coal, crude oil, white truffle. Eti are the same compounds found on Mars. Scientists are exploring possible ways of origin of teofanov on the red planet and talked about several ways of their possible occurrence. To abiotic ways scientists have classified the meteorite impact and thermo-chemical recovery of the sulfate at…

"Scientists gave evidence of life on Mars"

The road to BAO and Issyk closed

So, the road to the Big Almaty lake is closed due to washouts and collapses of the roadway. “Currently, 16 km (behind the bridge) of JSC “National company “Kazavtozhol” there is a barrier and a road sign “Movement is forbidden”, with the aim of ensuring road safety and implementation of construction works and the reconstruction of the road to the Big Almaty lake. This road section serves the contractor AOF too kazakhautodor”, — is spoken…

"The road to BAO and Issyk closed"