Elon Musk will take the medicine

Elon Musk intends to develop special chips to struggle with autism. According to him, already have an idea of how to work the technology, reports “life”. The chip will store the information required for full activity, and the chip integrated into the person’s head. Artificial intelligence will be paired with this to compensate for the disadvantages of a living brain. The invention will help to defeat autism, schizophrenia and amnesia. One of nanotehnologicheskih companies have…

"Elon Musk will take the medicine"

A dead snake replaced the children’s rope

“Resourceful urchins” live in Vietnam. [embedded content] A dead snake was replaced by the fearless Vietnamese children rope. Quite an eerie video shot by eyewitnesses. The footage shows how two kids 5-6 years keep reptile at both ends and fervently sing the rhyme. A third child jumps over a makeshift “rope”. Recall that in Vietnam, there are 37 species of poisonous snakes, including the Indian kritov, coral snakes and pit vipers, reports Lenta.

"A dead snake replaced the children’s rope"

The doctors talked about the health of Donald trump

Donald trump completely healthy. Officially, the medical report will be made public after the return of the American leader in Washington. This was told by Stephanie Grisham, press Secretary of the White house, reports RIA Novosti. “The President is still healthy, energetic and has no complaints,” — said Grisham. Recall that Donald trump has decided to undergo a medical examination before the presidential race of 2020.

"The doctors talked about the health of Donald trump"

Dependence on online shopping called a disease

Online shopping carried in a separate category of people with mental disorders. This decision was made by scientists from the Hannover medical school in Germany, reports The Times. Dependence on online shopping explained the concept of “compulsive shopping”. The term refers to an overwhelming desire to endlessly purchase even unnecessary things. In fact this “disease” suffer 5% of the world population. “Uncontrolled purchase of goods in the network leads not only to financial problems, but…

"Dependence on online shopping called a disease"

Forecasters said the weather on November 17,

Sunday in Kazakhstan will become slightly warmer. Snow is expected only in the North-West, North and East of the country. In Almaty region at night and in the morning in places fog is expected. In North Kazakhstan region in places is expected snowstorm ground, ice. Gusts of wind will reach 23 m/s. In Akmola, Pavlodar, East Kazakhstan regions in places are expected a ground Blizzard, wind of 15-20 m/s. In Kostanay region in places are…

"Forecasters said the weather on November 17,"

Scientists have proposed influenza diet

The ketogenic diet is an effective tool in the prevention of influenza. So say American scientists, who published their study in the journal Science Immunology. According to experts, the ketogenic diet is high in fat and low in carbohydrate intake. Such a “cocktail” with ease protects the body from influenza a virus. Even if the disease is caught, the body will cope with the disease much faster. Informed about the benefits of keto diet said…

"Scientists have proposed influenza diet"

Kazakhstan hockey has received four nominations for the National sports award

On the official website of the National Olympic Committee of Kazakhstan summarize 2019. Voting began at 9 nominations. Kazakhstan ice hockey is represented in four categories. Andrei Skabelka (head coach of “Barys”) nominated in the category “Best coach of the year for winter sports”. Nikita Mikhaylis (player “Barys”) received a nomination for the title “Best sportsman of the year for winter sports”. Another category was taken by the national team of Kazakhstan hockey — she…

"Kazakhstan hockey has received four nominations for the National sports award"

Became known why the state of health of Schumacher kept secret

Corinna Schumacher, wife of seven-time world champion, said that the state of health of her husband-kept secret at the request of the pilot, reports The Sun. “We are doing everything possible to help Michael. You see, we are keeping his condition a secret at his own request”, — said the wife of an athlete. Corinne added that close with Michael are his children — son Mick and daughter Gina-Marie. In September it became known that…

"Became known why the state of health of Schumacher kept secret"

Brazilian UFC fighter made a splash on the duel of views

Marcus Perez appeared before the rival in the image of the Joker. Fighter from Brazil carefully worked on my alter ego. He copied not only the appearance of the character from DC comics, but its plastic. Rival Wellington Turman tried to pretend that creative your opponent is not appreciated. “Why so serious? (Why so serious?), asked Marcus Perez from his opponent by quoting the legendary character issue raised in the film “the Dark knight”.

"Brazilian UFC fighter made a splash on the duel of views"

Arrested a doctor of the district hospital in Zhambyl region

Anti-corruption service unmasked head physician of the Central regional hospital of Merke district of Zhambyl region in bribery, the Agency reports Tengrinews.kz Armani was suspected of taking large sums from the business representative. The case concerned fraud with public procurement. “He was suspected of receiving from the representative of LLP bribe in the amount of 800 thousand tenge for signing of acts of performed works under the contract on public procurement for the supply of…

"Arrested a doctor of the district hospital in Zhambyl region"