The plane crash near Almaty got into the global statistics of accidents — Bloomberg

16aa77b9134c7ea8329758ba86210423 600x400 - The plane crash near Almaty got into the global statistics of accidents — Bloomberg

About it reports Bloomberg with reference to the report of the To70 company engaged in aviation consulting. According to these data, in 2019 in the eight plane crash killed 257 people. The year before there were 13 major accidents, the victims were 534 people. Data refer only to large passenger aircraft, excluding accidents with helicopters, trucks and military aircraft, and vessels of small aircraft.

As the newspaper notes, the statistics worsened the crash of a Fokker 100 in Almaty, 27 Dec. As a result of the incident killed 12 people. This is the most tragic catastrophe of 2019 was the fall of the Boeing 737 MAX, the Ethiopian airlines, which killed 157 people.

The report stresses that

the disaster of the 2018 and 2019 years led to the suspension of operation “fresh” Boeing 737 MAX

Also acute issues as aviation authorities approve the new system, developed on the basis of the old, and how long it takes pilots to master.

In General, the frequency of accidents for large commercial vessels has decreased to 0.18 per million flights in 2019, compared with 0.30 in 2018. In other words, in the past year by 5.58 million flights and had one crash.

A summary of the report is predictable: the aircraft should ensure that the air rises only well-constructed aircraft with trained crews.

It is emphasized that although in 2019, the number of victims of aircraft accidents has declined, but still remained higher than in 2017. Then was marked by historic low — only two of the crash victims from 13.

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