Authorities of Almaty, lost the court case Murad Alibekov, but do not execute the decision

Murat Alibekov has won a lawsuit against the Department of housing of Almaty, but the officials ignore it.

e1570611534489 - Authorities of Almaty, lost the court case Murad Alibekov, but do not execute the decisionMurat Alibekov

Muslim public figure Murat Alibekov is in the queue for housing since 1988. However, in 2017, he suddenly found that the waiting list it is not. It turned out, it was just removed.

According to Alibekova, then, in 2017, he learned that housing is given to those who stood in line for 1-2 years after he did.

— Decided to check what is my place, and was surprised to find that not a member of it, says Alibekov.

Defending their rights, he appealed to the court. In June of 2019 Auezov district court decided to return Telibekov in turn. The defendants in the face of Department for housing policy of Almaty and could not clearly explain who was expelled from her public personality, and on what basis.

— The court found the inaction of the officials and ordered the Department of housing to eliminate the violations. But the decision was never executed. After a new trial was again discharged the writ. By the way, in the corridors of the court, I was approached by strange people and offered to resolve the issue for 1.5 thousand dollars. What is this if not corruption?

We are not removed — is not for us to recover

However, the court decision is not executed till now.

— The management of management are unable to present in court any of the arguments. His actions, the officials explained that they say, not involved in my exclusion from the list of those in need. Who did it is unknown, and hence the restoration in the queue is impossible

— commented on the situation himself Alibekov.

The decision of the district colleagues cemented its decision and the appeal instance of Almaty city court. Now Murat Alibekov is preparing a lawsuit. For refusing to execute the judgment he intends to bring to justice the leadership of the office of housing policy.

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