Second, the quarantine needs to be smarter than an economist is suggested not to repeat the mistakes of the

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“Got us a new term – lockdown, not to be confused with knockdown. Knockdown is a knock down on the floor, and the lockdown is to lock Fig. So it is very important that the lockdown did not PE 2.0 from March 16.

March 16 was the right decision and has given excellent results in the fight against infection, but it was the axe. Close all, to close city, even inside the city to limit the movement. Then it was understandable and justified.

Today it is a great folly, and we have to work with a scalpel

For 2 days, which the President gave to the government on reflection, it is necessary to consider smart lockdown. Smart lockdown should be based on best international practices – Korea, China, Europe, new York show that you can live with the virus and work. And we should not be afraid of experiments, our conditions differ in something from the worldand,” wrote Chukin in Facebook.

He brought several options for the introduction of restrictive measures that would not undermine the economy and normal life of the population.

“AboutTr is that public power in the air relatively safe, there is no significant increased risk of infections occurs. However, the food groups of people in the room dangerous. And distance here is not helping, and Seating not more than 4 at a table is also meaningless. Nobody is sure why, but my main concern is — is the air or closed ventilation. No matter where you sit, air rides the air in a circle, and if somebody breathes out the virus, he flies around the room.

Governor Cuomo announced that new York state will open only those places in which the air conditioners are installed HEPA filters. (HEPA technology which is used for operating in space. Elon Musk surcharge puts these filters on “Tesla”). Cells on these filters is 10 times smaller than the virus, so they are effective. But they cost 10-20 times more expensive than usual.

Conclusion: it is necessary to think… We should leave the window for this activity, and think it should be a year or two ahead, it is not 4 weeks. We can’t for a year to deprive weddings young. Can toyhana-tent and 2 meters between the tables is the solution for now.

International transportation – air and normal neighbors. It is easier to close the border, but then, as they say, the cure is worse than the disease. You always have to think what we want to achieve and whether this method. Today, more neighbors need from us to close, than us from them because we have a level of contamination higher. And in General a threat particularly at this stage the huge increase in home epidemic

external borders are no problem for us, especially because the flow is relatively small

That is a special benefit from the instillation from the world no. And the damage is huge. We stop all business contacts, experts are unable to come and go from the country, the projects are, the season takes. Students can not go to school. Relatives eventually can’t bury relatives.

Absolutely no reason to close the city from the suburbs

First, this barbarity against the people from out of town, we cut off all medical services and other things. Second, what they we can bring what we have not. Rather, we give them a little extra here, but now, when the virus everywhere, this measure is meaningless and harmful.

There is still a lot to handle and not to touch. Let’s get together ideas will distribute until it is too late. Most importantly, the virus loves people and premises. Therefore it is not necessary to gather large quantities and in enclosed spaces. In the beginning, there was a case in upstate new York – one person was infected 600 people who gathered for religious servicesin”,

summed up Chukin.

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