In Turkmenistan fined for drones and pay for slain dogs — media review

Also intensified blocking various VPN applications.

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The hunt for drones of the Turkmen government made to the citizens filmed the line at the grocery gosmagazinov. At least, that explain the pattern sources. The owners of vehicles called in for questioning and may even be fined.

Write about foreign and opposition media.

Teachers need to buy essays the current President’s expense

Turkmen teachers are forced to purchase and study books Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, according to Fergana. Both in schools and in universities.

Students are not forced to read, but to know the short content they are required.

Topics and sections from books of the President may be on the exams in any subjects

Books are quite expensive. For example, the price of the “Source of wisdom” — 40 AZN. The local currency and 3.5 manats to the US dollar. On the black market is about 5 times more. So often teachers are thrown off to acquire all the required volumes.

Books Berdimuhamedov tens, the topic is diverse — from military doctrine to medicinal plants

State media regularly report on the publication of new volumes.

Why Turkmenistan will start to starve? — media review

For comparison, the first President of Turkmenistan Saparmurat Niyazov (Turkmenbashi) was known only as the author of one book “Rukhnama,” which, in particular, attributed to the ancient Turkmen the invention of the wheel. “Rukhnama” during the presidency of Niyazov carefully studied in schools and universities, without her knowledge, it was impossible to get a job. But after his death in 2007, the veneration of this book came to naught, writes Fergana.

In the cotton harvest, I gave up all that you can

In Lebap velayat have any interruptions in the movement of intercity public transport, according to Radio Azatlyk.

The buses took off from the route and sent to transport public-sector employees to pick cotton

The latter attracted too, not on a voluntary basis.

— Buses that travel along routes Hojambaz – Turkmenabat, Amu – Turkmenabat, Kerkichi – Turkmenabad, and rode between the district centers and villages are now involved in the transportation of state employees for the cotton. Because of this, local residents, including students, faced with the difficulties of transportation, — say the journalists.

The crisis in Turkmenistan: deficit grows, and the residents selected “plates” — the review

Turkmenistan continues during the cotton season, and the local government has attached to the matter of public transport not only in this province.

In addition, according to journalists, private vans from a number of “route” on the territory of Lebap province for the past month are at penalty Parking lots. What put them there and what are the goals targeted by the authorities, the portal said.

2019, in Turkmenistan, the acreage planted is 550 thousand hectares. the User plans to harvest 1 million 50 thousand tons of harvest.

Meanwhile in Ashgabat continue to destroy stray dogs and cats, reports the edition “Chronicles of Turkmenistan”. There is even the norm – wardens and housing workers need to take at least one corpse of an animal.

For the killing of animals used mainly poisons

One of the employees of housing and communal services told that if he does not fulfill the norm, with wages held 5 AZN. The number of stray animals it was significantly reduced, but plans all the same.

In addition to janitors and inspectors in fishing began to take part other citizens, but mainly of the marginalized. These can take the opportunity to steal on the street and pet.

In addition, social networks are increasingly caught publish warnings about scams, when an unknown gain dogs and cats ads “Give in good hands,” and then pass money to the collection points of the animals.

To remove not prohibited, but is punishable

In Lebap security forces began fining the owners of drones, according to Radio Azatlyk.

— If the officers learn that someone has a drone, call the owner of the drone to the interrogation and in some cases prosecute. Recently called the owner of the Studio that provides video services for weddings in Turkmenabat and

interviewed him like the face of great danger to state security

He was asked for what purposes he uses the drone, who else has drones, how and who brings them, — told the correspondent of the portal.

The import of drones had previously been equated to the import of weapons and prohibited. Now enhanced control over existing ones.

— At the same time videographers working on wedding events, widely use drones to improve the quality of services.

But it is unknown how and who imports vehicles into the country

the portal says.

Now drones can be fined in the amount of from 1 to 3 thousand manats. Owners in case of re-capture are already threatened with criminal punishment.

The military has intercepted a drone over the building of the Ministry of defense

One of the officers spoke about the reasons for the gain control.

— At this time the Turkmen authorities are concerned that someone can capture on video or photo queues in front of food stores and the scandals that happen there, said the security official on condition of anonymity.

Such a queue in Turkmenistan are formed regularly. Then appear the men in uniform (and often in plain clothes) who

make sure the queue is not photographed or filmed on video

The portal claims that the official ban on drones, the authorities had not issued. Journalists tried to get comments in law enforcement agencies, but to no avail.

Fighting Internet increased

In September-October, Turkmen authorities blocked a number of the most popular VPN applications. They were blocked before, but since the introduction and until the termination of the work took place quite a long time.

Turkmen Uzbeks quietly cheering and watching Mirzaeva

— Now VPN steel lock faster. And not only free from AppStore and play market, but paid, and even those that create local programmers are taking into account the specifics of the Turkmen, — writes portal “Chronicle of Turkmenistan”.

VPN apps for a fee set repairman and sellers of smartphones

In addition, you need to buy a subscription, which costs 50-60 manats a month. But when the program block, the sellers refuse to return the money. So the number of customers has decreased significantly.

The portal notes that in the country there is no official Agency which deals with Internet censorship, as, for example, Roskomnadzor in Russia. But in September, a Service of cybersecurity, and then started blocking various VPN applications.

Sites, services and apps are blocked without notification, indicating the reason and court decisions

summed up the journalists.

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