In Sweden during coronavirus are not prohibitions, and recommendations

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However, abuse its power and the Europeans. Here, for example, other citizens in Sweden are unhappy that the officials did what they did other Europeans — not closed all the borders and declared a state of emergency. The quarantine also did not forcibly send, because it should be personal responsibility.


As of March 25, in Sweden (population 10 million) 42 deaths, of which 37 people in Stockholm.

Distance learning is not easy

My University friend Yevgeny Henzel lives in Stockholm. She was a teacher of mathematics. Says Swedish high-school students and University students have moved to remote training from March 17. While secondary schools and kindergartens work in a usual mode.

Distance learning added work and teachers.

— Students send their assignments via e-mail. View, validate, specify error to comment on each and everyone to send a response takes much more time than the same job in normal mode.

When there is personal contact with the students, not so tense eyes, but most importantly — there is the possibility of interactive communication: to discuss, to think and to engage in dialogue.

In secondary schools the Ministry of education has canceled all of the single tests.

By the way, in Kazakhstan, the virus has fundamentally changed the curriculum. So, what was abolished entrance exams in NIS for students, but preparing them is very hard. Parents say to children that turned out a big disappointment.

But back to Sweden.

Law-abiding Swedes

The Swedes are a nation of sports, and many spent their winter holiday in Italian ski resorts.

— Everyone who has returned to his native country, recommended to stay home and work also from home. Generally our people are law-abiding, so many have done so.

In addition, the government has to relief. Anyone who is even slightly coughed, sneezed and generally felt sick, I could stay at home, without the provision of sick leave to the employer.

The same applies to caring for sick children. Help usually required after 7 days of illness, can not take it. Salary at the time sick leave vacation all saved.

Now the authorities are going to great economic losses. Various economic concessions were mostly made by small firms, those who have less than 30 employees. But

state aid and get such large companies as Volvo, because they send employees on leave without pay

Because supplies of parts for machines from different countries are rapidly declining.

In the Swedish press recently, it was reported that small farmers are worried that this year there will be nobody to pick fruit and berries.

— Usually do newcomers collectors, often from the Ukraine and Thailand. And now they will not be able to enter the country. Why is not possible to send to the Assembly of fruits and berries of our local unemployed is a mystery.


The bulk of the flights to Sweden canceled, but the citizens of the Kingdom can return home.

My daughter and her husband this Sunday came from Africa.

As Sweden is struggling with the coronavirus

— We even have the nightly news telling about the misinformation that is spread mainly in the Russian language. Like the article that you sent me (from the Russian site, as the Swedish authorities stated that with the “crown” no need to fight – ed.). Lies! In that article was terrible! But unfortunately, many Russian-speaking residents of Sweden contribute to the spread of disinformation and send it in social networks. On television urge people not to spread unverified facts.

Measures against the virus in Sweden is really different from many European countries.

Indiscriminate quarantine is not even in the big cities. The streets are not watered disinfectants

However, canceled all sporting events, concerts and gatherings of more than 500 people. By the way, in Germany you can not gather in groups of more than… 2 people!

Responsibility and freedom

— Sweden is usually called the “country is in moderation.” But now, I think she is more suitable “country of freedom under responsibility”.

In Sweden a high sense of civic consciousness. So basically are not prohibitions, and recommendations. People basically perform!

To go to restaurants we do not prohibit, but was forbidden to eat and drink at the bar, only at tables, standing at a certain distance from each other.

Cafes and restaurants opened annuals earlier than usual, though still pretty cool. But this is done to prevent the spread of the virus.

Walking is not forbidden, it is even advised to do, but of course, keeping a distance

Not even our closed ski resorts in the North of the country.

Soon Easter holidays, a time when many traditionally skiing

However, the recommendations now are as follows: you can ride, but to prevent the spread of the virus, it is necessary to refuse visits to grandparents living in other places, especially if you are from Stockholm and other big cities.

Prohibited to visit their relatives in nursing homes.

Elderly after 70 years suggest not to go to the shops, not to sit with their grandchildren, etc.

Some of the shops in the morning, especially for pensioners opened an hour early

People hang in their doorways ad serving old people their services — to go food shopping or to the pharmacy for medications, walk the dog, etc.

Coronavirus is a hit around the world. As the economy of different countries and everyone. In Sweden over the past two weeks has increased the number of unemployed.

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