Europeans appreciated the prettiness of literary Kazakh language

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— Gaukhar, thank you for inviting me to participate in the online literary readings during the quarantine. It was a breath of fresh air. In fact at the beginning of the quarantine, many were confused, even the Blues. As there was such a great idea?

— The idea to hold literary readings appeared much earlier quarantine. I then imagined that it will be a live meeting somewhere in nature or in Almaty cafe for a Cup of tea, coffee or a glass of wine.

However, to implement the project happened only during the quarantine. Maybe it’s even better —

online was able to connect my friends and acquaintances from different corners of the world who, like us, sat at home

I thought, if you can’t meet in person, you should try to do it remotely. And the reason there are books and poetry. That’s how it all started.

— I participated in the first online readings. I want to admit, was preparing very seriously – my entire home library re-examined. Then we had a bit of Kazakhstan, young people from Italy, France, USA. What has changed since then?

Since then we became more, now among the participants of not only my friends but strangers to me, but we all share a love of reading. Connected from Paris, Milan, Rio de Janeiro, Munich, Los Angeles, Almaty, Shymkent, Uralsk, Nur-Sultan. We listened to poetry and excerpts from works in Italian, French, Kazakh, Russian, German, Portuguese, English.

I started writing Tajiks in London, who also wanted to connect to, and then hearing how it came to fans to read and Turkmenistan.

— A success! How is the selection of books which languages the participants read selected works?

— The purpose of my project is to learn about new authors, works, or even read my own paper, and to practice languages and just make new friends. My

a project on reading books and poetry is different from other book clubs, that every man chooses what he wants to read and what language, no restrictions

The idea is to prepare an excerpt from any literary work or your own creativity for 5 minutes in any language. The piece should contain a specific keyword. At each session it is different.

For example, we have had the word “sea” or words like “love”, “loneliness”, “wine”, “cigarette”, “life”, “woman”, “colors”, “numbers” and others.

In the process of literary meetings everyone reads what has prepared with that keyword, and the topic is covered from different angles, because each author saw it differently. For example, when the key word was “sea”, was immediately evident, as it was described by the symbolists.

Among them poet Charles Baudelaire, the literary representative of the direction of decadence. The sea is his, for example, is very different from the sea of Vasily Zhukovsky — one of the founders of romanticism, or from a more realistic sea Italian poet and writer Eugenio Montale, who wrote in the twentieth century.

And so on each keyword. And the most interesting is to listen to his own composition of the participants, whether a poem or a short essay.

Recently we were joined by participants from Shymkent and Los Angeles. And although the key chose the word “figure,” works were about love and their perception of reality

One of them resembled the style of Brodsky, it was very interesting.

What is more, participants — prose or poetry?

— I can’t say. Probably the same way, and at each session work is read in different languages.

— Kazakh language and literature perceive the European participants?

— Interest in the Kazakh culture and literature among foreign participants there. It is a pity that not all of our writers to translate into other languages, but if translated and are very difficult to find even in large bookstores. In the same Paris or London.

Usually people ask me what is the alphabet we use and you know us by the Turks. But all agree on one thing: the literary Kazakh sounds very melodic and beautiful

When I lived in France, met some Frenchmen who had studied Kazakh, only for this reason.

— Gauhar, as participants learn about the time and date of the next literary session?

— Please join our next online meeting in reading,

the next key word is “beauty”

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