Women suffering domestic violence, you lose credibility in front of children — psychologists

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Experts told Sputnik Kazakhstan on the causes of domestic violence and why can’t I tolerate it for the kids.

Hope dies last

Psychologist of Sheikhul Sali noted that some women suffer beatings her husband, and this is a relevant problem in society.

“We can’t explain it to Kazakh women. If your family has a domestic violence endure it.

It is necessary to throw a man who raises his hand to his wife

Say the relatives of the woman and her family. But unfortunately, the victims do not listen to advice,” she says.

In her opinion, basically, these women are in childhood, experienced abuse and have psychological trauma.

Women of Kazakhstan complain about the rudeness of men in bed — psychologist

Experts say that some women forgive their husbands and move on. For the Eastern women it is typical, tend not to wash dirty linen in public. Some people wait when the children grow up, and trust that the husband will change. But Serikkul Sali disagree.

Forgive the first blow

In this regard, he explained how to act a woman, a healthy body and soul.

“Not a good life for the child, if the father beats up his eyes beloved mother. He will rise, and childhood injuries will remain a long time if not for life. A woman who thinks about the child, breaks the bond with that person.

“My child shouldn’t be seeing this” — that such a principle it should adhere to,

— said the psychologist.

According to the psychologist,

many women forgive men when they raise their hand for the first time

However, the expert recommends not to aggravate the problem.

“They hope that it will never happen again. But if he raised his hand a second time, something is wrong here, need to go to couples counseling. Without complicating this issue, it is necessary to solve all in time,” said Sarigul Sali.

The judge of Almaty district court of Nur-Sultan Aigul moldybaeva also believes that the child should not grow up in such an environment. It is likely that he will repeat the fate of their parents.

“Women suffer, thinking that the children are still small. This is wrong. If you do violence, you should not tolerate. But we must fight within the law. I was once visited by a young family.

Husband is justified to the wife: “I only gave you a slap in the face. My father together with my mother was beaten and chased into the street in the cold”

You know? This is a very terrible situation. For it is in the order of things,” says the judge.

You need to fight within the law

According to Aigul Moldybaeva, woman, turn a blind eye to violence, it loses credibility in the eyes of your child. So the judge advises us not to let this happen.

“Today was the trial. The couple lived for 17 years and has three children. Came to divorce. Wife of 15 years suffered domestic violence from her husband. If that wasn’t in the mood, he beat her and the children.

The woman decided to divorce, after the eldest son tearfully asked her to divorce

How many injuries during this time, got the kids?” — says Aigul moldybaeva.

Women who are victims of domestic violence are protected by law.

“So you need to visit the centers in the governorates, there are psychologists.

Why other women don’t beat men? Because they don’t like

If the husband threatens the wife has, we will immediately dilute such pairs. If it will continue to pursue and push, his actions are considered part of the criminal case”, — she noted.

Aigul moldybaeva encourages young people to consciously build a family. Her creation, the marriage require a lot of responsibility and a lot of work. But after having children, the responsibility is doubled. Parents should give children a good upbringing and education. The more happy families and children, the less negative societal situations.

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