Of child rape have become news trend

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Last year a seven-year child. This year the seventh-grader. Friendship with children is becoming popular. What year? From the perspective of social resonance imagine.

What’s going on? Why instead of to get involved with new models of iPhones, the adults choose children? To talk about this to me was painful, but necessary. This was required by professional duty. And just like human beings.

Who is to blame?

The conclusion was decidedly unique. It’s not the oversaturation of the benefits of civilization. Not anger at the world. As it is now fashionable to say, not even mercury retrograde. Is impunity.

Two years – two known (I emphasize this) case of complete destruction of the child’s psyche. Adults were crying and screaming. Exchanged petitions and staged demonstrations dismissal. Speaking bureaucratic language, working out the complex of necessary measures. And somewhere nearby was slowly dying away disgraced children.

What will happen with the adult if to dismiss him?

He’ll find another job. Even if it is disqualified, he will find a job in a different field. The watchman at the plant. A medical orderly in the morgue. He’ll be fine – you have my word.

What will happen with the adult if it is rape? Yes, almost certainly will survive in the first place. Then will either go in the short term binge, or buy a new iPhone – in short, somehow distracted. Or want to talk about it and go to the psychologist.

What will happen to the child, if you rape him?

We will likely never know. In addition to external manifestations of tears, screams, restless sleep. And some wounds a long time if not forever remain in the soul? How to survive the child that made adult? Senior. Smart. Right by default. For example mom and dad. The child does not want to talk about it. He just doesn’t know how to do it. And its not any consolation trip to the sea or even the new iPhone.

What to do?

Fortunately, nothing better than radical measures, the world has not yet invented.

Once in the Telegram , I came across one video. The man’s face, if allowed so to call someone who raped a child, was shaded. But everything else – no. Two burly guys were holding his legs. And all the rest slowly bit off a Terrier. The geography of this illustrative case is, unfortunately, unknown.

However, I am sure, the home of the former men, the story became an unforgettable public outcry

People do not become significant to fire the administrators and remove the straps. They staged a demonstration penalty. Don’t need to be a seer to understand that the level of crime in the region immediately fell. Cheap and cheerful.

What’s next?

Severe punishment for their actions – a necessary measure. This is the only thing that will work. And if not tomorrow, then day after tomorrow at least we realize this. But today and even yesterday we have to think hard about children. Those who have killed adults.

How to help them? What words of comfort to find? And is there one?

Would it not be wiser to take the blame. It is we parents to blame. To blame. That is not taught to look around. That said – your example, and good, who can argue, of intentions that “I’m an adult and so right.” That didn’t taught his son and daughter to discuss with us everything that is happening around. That put the child in the hands of the gadget to distract us from social networks.

We only blame one

To speak with a young person that it might offend big paramount. To explain why this could happen. To say that in any case won’t blame the child, if it happened to him any misfortune. Warn of trouble by starting with yourself. Older and smart. Justify its position right by default.

And firing of administrators and to take personal control makes no sense. The territory of the district (city, region) is large. And you, the controller, not the Lord, and therefore is not triune in one person. And you can watch locally instead of globally. School managers also to no avail to find fault. Drove one and where is the guarantee that tomorrow will be better?

The global need, comrades.

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