Positive children of Shymkent: how to live with HIV?

a3f85d301e2a64e0b2a135468cfdbf58 600x400 - Positive children of Shymkent: how to live with HIV?

Medical negligence forever changed the lives of 149 children and their families. Today most of them are teenagers. Team Salem Social Media made a documentary of how they live now.

Now from 149 adolescents live openly only two: Bauyrzhan and Ayaulym. They are not afraid of condemnation from the society, want to change attitudes towards people with HIV and is already working actively. DLa the same of their peers Rguys organized a team of Asian teens and plan to talk about what HIV is and how dangerous it is. Parents support their children.

According to Salem, Social Media producers, the film did not purport to show that everything is bad.

“We wanted to show the real picture, without unnecessary tragedy. After all

these teenagers live a normal life: friends, communicate, learn and dream to change this world for the better

Our film is primarily about it. Of course, we wanted to remind once again about the case and what had to go through families. We want such more never repeated. And it is a responsibility of each of us.”

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