What is the benefit of “Protein” brings to Almaty? Expert opinions

for several months, “Protein” looks terrible — covered with a protective mesh and hidden behind a fence, like a wild beast. For the salvation of the art facility launched the project Eco Belka, the collection was opened for a new plastic cover the frame. The plans of the organizers was to collect a few months of 10 million tenge of donations, because the city administration refused to allocate money from the budget, especially because it is so cost 23 million, However, the recovery process was delayed. And here suddenly appeared the information that the squirrel is dismantled. This was stated by the head of the culture Department of Almaty Arner the Kurmashev.6ea9d4ee67bd0e7a14c008fb14b5ffc3 - What is the benefit of "Protein" brings to Almaty? Expert opinionsLayout updated proteins

Protein given the chance

However, the next day, Myra Ismailova, the producer of an art object, said that “Squirrel” will not be dismantled. Information about demolition, as he said himself Kurmashev, “misunderstanding and falsehood.” However

administration has set a condition: to lead “the Squirrel” in the proper form as soon as possible

Ismailova promises that the New year she will be transformed.

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Economist of Magbat of Spanov supports this idea because the art object definitely is of interest to people.

— Once set, is to leave her. And choose the option design that will continue to draw attention to it.

It would be best if it “restarted” to 20 th December

And the idea of a skating rink near the “Squirrel” is good. Yes, I like the driver, maybe that created some inconveniences, but as a citizen of Almaty I welcomed it. In General, in Almaty there are few objects that would attract attention. “Protein” in this sense was an innovation.

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Additional funds from the budget?

The political scientist Marat Shibutov also believes “the Squirrel” successful project — after all, they wrote even foreign media.

— In a very short time she became one of the symbols of our city. But

in place of the Governor’s office, I would highlight a little more money to make a new lining

Maybe even glowing. We are not so many objects that people constantly take pictures, notes of Shibutov.

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Protein pushing Kazakhstan

Supports the recovery of “Whites” and PR specialist Nurken Halychanyn.

This art object really benefited the city — from the point of view of public relations. A lot about her who wrote, and it is not only the regional media.

This is a contribution to the popularization of not only the city but also in PR-promotion of the country

It is worth considering that it’s not on a national scale, and the city. And it was, rather, aimed at the formation of street culture by changing the urban landscape, — he notices.

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The Eiffel tower is also not immediately accepted

Halychanyn convinced that dissatisfied with the installation of “Whites” only those who have lost the opportunity to Park in the territory of “Atakent”. And this is one.

Is about 70-80 cars. For half million the city is, in my opinion, not so important. If you look at history, as a similar example is the construction of the Eiffel tower.

The Parisians at first were unhappy, cried, protested. Now the majority of citizens consider it a national landmark

This is the principle of formation of public opinion. First rejection, then addictive, then trust.

As for the reconstruction, this process is not always quick. And should be easier to treat such things. In my opinion, the more our city will appear unusual projects and sculptures, the more valuable becomes the urban landscape to tourists and visitors of the city. And since Belka, being a temporary construction, had a favor to form a new tourist flows, why then not use it? the expert concludes.

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