As people live and work, who carried out the tests for coronavirus

Today a team of 25 people, led by Raushan Bazarbai involved in the work with the tests for the coronavirus.

— Employees with young children we were sent home, taking advantage of the state program for the payment of benefits to temporarily unemployed due to quarantine, says Raushan.

It’s touched and doctors older than 50 years. In General, working with tests dangerous infection left only the young and physically healthy employees. They live in the clinic and have no contact with their families.

— If an employee urgently need to get home, we then isolate until the results of the test. Moreover, PCR and rapid tests are done at the expense of the company.

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Antiviral therapy

The first thing that made Raushan Bazarbai, it provided the clinic with antivirals and antibiotics.

— At the first meeting on the topic of KVI order all employees were forced to undergo a prophylactic course of antiviral immunomodulating therapy. All employees gave viperone candles. A warehouse full of drugs from the ARI and ARI.

Then established weekly supply of personal protective equipment and all other protection attributes based on the daily changing remedies for 50 people. In addition, trained young professionals the proper handling of PPE.

The training took place during the month daily. Sought to the specialists with your eyes closed could properly put on and take off anti-plague suit

As prescribed by the Protocol.

Full insulation professionals

The hospital management provided employees increased 4 meals a day, adequate sleep, physical unloading in the gym, swimming in the pool. As well as, fruits, juices, compotes, yogurt.

Raushan says that the wages Fund raised for the duration of the tests, given the risk.

In this case, all family members signed an official paper-the resolution that they are aware that their son/daughter/wife/husband/brother etc. will work in the test project COVID-19 and live in the hospital indefinitely.

And that every family member agrees to maximally adhere to quarantine measures.

The testing of doctors

Every three days due to the company testing for coronavirus.

— In addition, we have daily every two hours measured temperature, saturation, blood pressure.

All members of the mobile teams provided

allowance in the amount of 100-150 thousand tenge to the basic salary

for the work in the field.

During travel to conduct tests, the conditions of accommodation, food and activities are tightly controlled.

— The clinic has a trained specialist who monitors the correct equipment anyone who goes to test. It helps to put on and take off PPE and is responsible for the protection of my staff. His task is only to follow and to continue to train professionals in protection measures.

Stay for physicians

To prevent the emotional burnout syndrome clinic periodically provides employees the day off, and providing a cultural program.

All this is done without government support and subsidies. Every penny I defend to investors foaming at the mouth. And they support. I don’t know how long this pandemic, but I know that the experience gained during this difficult period, will be valuable to every member of our team.

While Raushan Bazarbai is asking the public to trust the doctors.

Without panic, without hysteria, without the humiliation doctors and those who guard your health! Leave the smartphones at home, stop to take pictures of people in white coats at the camera, threatening them with social networks.

Doctors too emotionally tired, they also have nerves and a body that doesn’t train. And, unfortunately, they die too.

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