How to protect yourself from coronavirus: advice from the infectious diseases

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In an interview with spoke head of the Department of pediatric infectious diseases, Medical University “Astana” of Danagul Baisheva.

Chief sanitary doctor Bekshin appealed to businessmen

“Now the world community is concerned about this new infection. For a very short period of time, it spread to many countries of the world.

This has not escaped even those countries in which, it would seem, all the necessary to prevent is,

including the availability of modern imaging —

says the medic. —

We have seen that the approach in preventing coronavirus infection should be systematic and comprehensive. All States are working to address this problem.

Kazakhstan will suspend flights to Iran

But, as said scientists from China, this infection can be defeated only with the population. If the population is to understand the magnitude of the problem and to act correctly, you can avoid huge losses.

First, you need to refrain from traveling to those countries, which regularly informs the Ministry of health, in the next three to four months.

Many complain that lost the tickets for the holidays. But you have to understand that life is much more expensive tickets

Secondly, if the man went and returned, he must consciously treat all events that are recommended by the Ministry of health in such cases. We have a list of countries that are dangerous in terms of coronavirus.

This virus is very treacherous – it seems to be hard to control, however, it penetrates

Refused to travel to South Korea to Kazakhstan will return the money for the tickets

Therefore, people can be carriers of this infection. In any infection there are healthy virus carriers when a person is not sick but is a carrier of this virus.

In places where people are most likely to encounter the virus. And

the person imperceptibly for itself can become infected. Even if he doesn’t get sick, he will transfer the infection to people for whom infection is more dangerous

As a rule, children under five years and people older than 65 years with comorbidities are at risk of getting sick.

A very important point – in the three months to limit the visiting of public places. If there is no need just to walk in the shopping centre, then this should not be done.

It is the separation of people will have a tremendous impact. Until the sun comes out, I will not go ultraviolet rays, you need to stay at home. It is desirable, if possible, to limit the holding of mass events, some meetings.”

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