How to survive the quarantine happy and not to gain extra pounds

— Tamara, today most are at home. And therefore eat more and move less. But how to pull myself together and spend time quarantinebenefit?

— First rule — don’t buy harmful products in the house to avoid temptation infinity chewing, crunching, and so on. It is necessary to acquire only fruits and vegetables, to make more salads, try to move.

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Lazy waiting for a miracle, but it is not

— I think lazy won’t make even the simplest exercises are always waiting for a miracle, and it does not exist.

All we need is a clear goal and the will power.

The person must first be a clear understanding of what he needed and what it will give in the end

Without a purpose, motivation and understanding of the end result, alas, no one will do nothing.

How to reduce appetite?

First — not to buy the house chips, Kirieshki, bread, sweets, etc. Just to prevent myself from bringing harmful products.

Now is the time to learn how to cook healthy meals without resorting to food in a hurry

The second is to engage in online education that have not had the time. For example, to learn to play the guitar, read a thick book, do the splits, put a time frame and stride boldly toward the goal. And you will not notice, how will be less to look in the fridge.

Became more creative?

— I continue my usual routine, only now

classes in yoga are not in the Studio and online

Poems are usually written at night, as there is now. Ranting lines to the recorder, and in the morning typing them in the notes.

A typical day in quarantine

— In the morning, no brainstorming, more silence, meditation and chores. After lunch you can move mountains.

I love sweets and would in General like to eat, but I prefer freshly prepared warm food. Sweets are usually prepared myself, like to mess around with cakes and always know what I made it.

Tips for older people

— First of all, less negative information.

The food is better to increase the proportion of vegetables and fruits, dairy products with low fat content, cereals and whole grains…

Useful will moderate aerobic exercise: walking, Jogging, Cycling and swimming, if possible.

It is necessary to minimize the consumption of coffee, cigarettes, if it is not possible to quit completely, as well as trips to crowded places, thus reducing the risk of Contracting a viral infection.

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