After the bombing: in what became the artists ‘ Union building

Only that, the current building of the Union of artists of Kazakhstan. Famous all over the country the temple of art. And it is located in the heart of Almaty, at the intersection of Panfilov street and Aiteke! As told to “Caravan” by its inhabitants – artists, tenants – problems here had accumulated above the roof, but for some reason the building owners turn a blind eye to it.

Lift on the cards and the food is exhibitions

I looked here by chance, I saw the old building of the Union of artists and remembered that once there was a wonderful gallery with the works of our venerable, and emerging artists. Went and even did not understand at first, anywhere. But first things first…

With a lift you can use, having the special card,

so climbed the stairs on foot. I’ll be honest: not so sad and abandoned imagined the structure belonging to the creative intelligentsia!

It was built in 1972 on the initiative of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR. Active participation in the development of the master plan took the honored worker of arts Kazakh SSR Sabur Mambeev. With his light hand of the room on the ground floor is designed for sculptors who have high ceilings – 5 m 75 cm. The Northern part is built of glass, which is easy to dismantle and remove a monumental work for completion or in the city.

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Here are 7 floors. As told by the local inhabitants, sometime in the workshops was in full swing flurry of activity, and at the bottom, which now house cafés were exhibition halls. In difficult 90-e the Union of artists survive as best they could. In the history of the building were huge debts for public utilities, and privatization of premises for a penny, and scandals.

From old guard painters, sculptors left the unit

Some workshops have sold, others have allowed them as tenants. Still others gave large spaces to children who continue their business. For this category of people building, where they spent a lot of time with parents in an atmosphere of creative search of the cult. And the location in the city center very convenient.

“Who works, who pays”

“Everything is story. It worked and my father worked, honored art worker, graphic artist Isatay Isabaev, –

tells his daughter Aliya Isabaeva. –

I continue his work, doing creative work. We privatized their workshops, received a registration certificate. Made the repairs. Installed meters for water, electricity, heating.

Think the building should match its status. As it is the center of creative people.

But, unfortunately, global repair was never in it. A long time ago they made major repairs of the roof. My father’s workshop on the seventh floor.

As there is a heavy rain, the roof on the corridor running water. On the stairs, broken glass

I took the initiative in their own hands and hired workers, by common efforts we have made on your floor a facelift. But around the house a lot of things to do. The same lift is moribund, expires exploitation. Probably, the owner is NGO “Union of artists of Kazakhstan” – should somehow take care of it. And we only say – once you work here, take all the costs for the Elevator and repair yourself.”

“I’m in this building works 1995 –

says a member of the Union of artists of Kabdrakhman Otarbay. –

Resent the mess with the payment, which has dragged on for ten years. It is not clear who pays for what, who owes whom. The Ministry of culture have long given up on us. We eked out a miserable existence, and the leadership of the Union appears to be still”.

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“Artists, no one thinks”

The daughter of a famous artist Ivan Bondarenko, Violetta Kotova also once received the master’s inheritance. Privatized, made repairs, and regularly pays the bills. Here the artist not only works, but lives and family circumstances for 16 years.

“At the end of may – beginning of June my husband and I were on a trip in Greece. Back. Open the Studio window and see the exhaust pipe is stretched up to the roof. On the first floor there was a catering place –

tells Violetta Ivanovna. –

Summer, autumn – from 11 am to 11 PM and during holidays till half past midnight we were breathing fumes. All seven floors were not able to open the Windows.

How did the artists ‘ Union gave permission to build the pipe? Why us, owners of premises, no one asked?

In the holidays makes events going to a lot of people.

Noise, fights, trash all around – all under our Windows. The administration, I showed the photos to which I said – Yes, we also breathe the fumes

About the artists in the painters ‘ Union, no one thinks! Interested, apparently, only the money. Our building is terrible inside. We own something in the hallway make up, faked.

We often get friends, foreigners from the French Embassy, for example. They are in shock – in the dark hallway, stairs shabby. I got that on the second floor is non-Smoking. And above smoke. No boxes. Just a nightmare!”.

Fire (in)security

I think that after this publication the management of akimat of Almaly district, gorriceta, services of fire safety simply must pay a visit to the building at the address: Panfilov street, 92. Pass on it, that is, on foot, to check every nook and cranny, and at the same time documents.

We are not experts, but on the first floor caught my eye that in part of the corridor the ceiling was much lower.

“This is one of the offices have made alterations”, –

explained tenants.

Is it legal, how much weight is over the head will not collapse if the ceiling on the heads of the inhabitants do not know. Planning permission they were never shown. The words of the people, trying to figure out all of the President of the Union, that showed nothing.

Also, tenants and artists are asked to draw the attention of the city authorities, the area of fire safety and to check all emergency exits of this building. On the second floor where the shop is located Violetta Kutovoi, only one way out. Still on the floor is fitness club. Fire shield is closed on the lock of the fire extinguisher is missing.

On the seventh floor of all fire fighting equipment, we saw an iron box of garbage instead of sand, fire shield, inside of which are cigarette butts. No fire hose, no fire extinguisher! And if, God forbid, a fire breaks out? We all understand what the consequences might be in a high-rise.

Dialogue does not work

Dialogue with the Union of artists, the owners of the workshops, tenants are not. All complaints about the condition of the building often hear the answer – there is no money for repairs.

“Roof mounted antenna cellular operators. Us this is not made known, although the legislation had to ask consent to collect signatures. The basement is also for rent. It turns out, the building owners take the money, but nothing in it do not invest!” –

outraged people.

And here is an example: nearby stands a seven-storey building, on the ground floor jewellery salon, the premises are also leased. So his owners have in perfect condition, and the adjacent territory, at the expense of the tenants. About the artists said the Chairman of the CSC, which includes the building.

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Who benefits from chaos?

People said that intermittently from the leadership of the Union of artists I hear a phrase like: “You walk our earth, in our hallways, so everyone should pay themselves.” Activists say they do not mind to pay for the target, to maintain the building in good condition, to not be ashamed to bring guests.

“We have been ready to unite to create a consumer cooperative of owners of premises and to solve together current issues –

said artists. –

In the building there is a bona fide taxpayers, and there are those who do not pay. Closed shops, no one knows where to look for them. There are those who do not want to wash dirty linen in public, they hold a neutral position.

If we have PC, we will be able to find a means on how to deal with defaulters. In may of this year received from the Union of artists, the answer is that there agree to membership in the PC. We were provided with the documents I possess. They are stairwells, toilets, corridors, technical floors and basements – it’s their property. We’ve given economists the documents – count for the have to pay. Called the accountant, showed the calculations.

Last week invited the Union leadership to meet and set a date.

However, meeting management, which is in the same building, has not come!”

A strange situation, isn’t it? Shop owners running for the building owner to solve the problems with their property!

Heard different versions — like the one that creative people survive specially from the building to leave the premises. Allegedly, the tenants complain about the mess will not. Rumors about resale and build more high-rise office buildings, because the land under it a piece of cake.

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10 questions produced 10 issues of the Union of artists of Kazakhstan and akimat of Almaty:

1. Why in the center of the city the building is in such poor condition?

2. When was the last time somebody was in this place, the inspectors of fire safety, what were the comments?

3. Who gave permission point catering on the installation drawing at the level of the Windows of the building of the Union of artists? How safe is this neighborhood?

4. Why in the building of the leased premises for a fitness centre, cafes, restaurants, when he has a purpose – to shelter under its roof people of art, held here recitals, exhibitions, etc.?

5. Legal alterations, capture of the ceiling and the staircase on the first floor of the building?

6. Why the Union of artists can not decide on a legal relationship with the owners, tenants, and artists residing here?

7. When the term of operation of the Elevator? Subject to the check, in what year?

8. Why the Union of artists, management of culture of the city will not attract young artists, graffiti artists, to put in order the facade of the building, make it bright, attractive art object?

9. Tenants, owners say that they paid different amounts for cleaning, maintenance of elevators, garbage collection, security. Can you name how much money each year going maintenance of the building in 2018-2019?

10. Whether it is legal to install antennas of mobile operators on the roof of the building, if, according to the owners, they did not give permission? What amount of monthly pay the tenants Union of artists?

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