Quarantine in Kyrgyzstan: introduced measures, which we have no

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A state of emergency in several regions of Kyrgyzstan started to operate from 8 a.m. on March 25. It is introduced in Bishkek, Osh and Jalal-Abad. In the two districts of Osh, and Suzak district of the Jalal-Abad regions.

Residents of cities and regions have to limit yourself in many ways, and especially in movement.

Of the house allowed out only on an urgent need in a grocery store, pharmacy, medical facility

There are some exceptions to walk the dogs or take the products parents can still be.

In the area of emergency

In Bishkek, completely stopped the movement of public transport. On the taxi to leave is also impossible – the mobile app for call not working. This, however, is not stopping privateers – they became smaller, but they are. To travel by a private transport – it is inside the city limits there. In contrast to walking distance.

Before you leave the house, you need to fill in your personal itinerary

“You have to specify on sheet A-4 in your address, phone number, passport data and address of the pharmacy or store where. In case you are stopped by the patrol police, you must show them the route sheet” — says 24.kg.

And with the introduction of state of emergency in Bishkek became less. However, it is to avoid clusters of people does not work – for example, on markets of buyers and sellers is still many.

But it is not in their cult buildings.

Orthodox churches ceased conducting public worship, and at the same time inside the building is allowed a maximum of three congregation

In the Bishkek and Kyrgyz eparchy note that without a spiritual component residents will remain: temples shop work, and

the priest can be invited to the house:

“The priests are obeying in emergency mode and is ready at any time to provide pastoral help and support (pandemic priests blessed strictly observe all prescribed safety precautions and personal hygiene”

Coincided with the beginning of the emergency and rising prices. In particular, from March 24 in Kyrgyzstan, raised the maximum prices of flour. Retail price of first grade is 30,5-32,5 catfish (187-199 tenge) depending on the region is 1-1. 5 catfish more than a week earlier. In addition,

in most areas, as well as Osh suspended wholesale flour


Also from March 25, Kyrgyzstan temporarily closed its borders with Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan: the passage of persons and vehicles suspended. However, foreigners may leave Kyrgyzstan, and the inhabitants of the Republic have the opportunity to return from abroad. In addition, cargo transportation in all directions is allowed.

At checkpoints around Bishkek not only measure temperature, but also validate the registration – if people in the capital are not registered, you will not be allowed. Major scandals have not been reported, but any traffic — quickly check everyone entering the city just does not work.

There are other pads. For example, there were reports that employees of the interior Ministry and the emergencies Ministry are not enough masks. There are staffing problems – lack of health workers. But, as assure the authorities, these issues are resolved

“Now study the need of posts allocated non-contact thermometers. If necessary, training of epidemiologists and attract residents to work on them”, — said the head of the Department of public health Ainura Akmatova

Have any questions and business. For example, one of the suppliers said that is not able to pass. He needed to leave Bishkek for loading goods (warehouses are located outside the city) and back. Local authorities reported that the pass will be required. But later. By the beginning of the emergency situation they didn’t have time to print.

According to the morning of March 26 in Kyrgyzstan registered 44 cases of infection with coronavirus. However, it is possible that more patients.

Contacts patients almost 1.3 thousand people,

including relatives, colleagues, friends and so on.

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