Strong family: the value of the company or a relic of the past?

Family policy is still too little attention is paid and the scientific community, and mass media, stated in work “the State family policy of Kazakhstan: analysis of current state and development trends”, published on the website of kiss signed zhuldyzay Iskakova.

And it is characteristic not only for Kazakhstan, but also in most countries of the world. However, interest gradually intensified, including from the state. And in a society there is a big request for support of the family sphere.

For the scientific community the theme of family was not very interesting

The term “family policy” has not yet become sustainable and widely recognized. He has over a hundred different definitions. But the diversity is conventionally divided into two parts, wide and narrow.

Transformation of families: Kazakhstan follows the Western trends

In the narrow direction is a part of state social policy, which includes all the specialized measures.

In a broad — most complex of all government actions which directly or indirectly affect the family.

And although interest in the field of family policy increases, while it is impossible to say that it was noticeable. However,

it concerns not only Kazakhstan, but also for most countries of the world

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In particular, a review of Kazakh protected theses for a ten-year period (2008 to 2019) demonstrates a lack of interest on the part of scholars to this subject, — says the author.

In the domestic media, the same situation is shown by the analysis of publications from 2008 to 2019. However, there was a surge from March to June 2019, when the mass media started to cover the shares of dissatisfied mothers.

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Because research little, the real status and trends of family policy it was difficult to identify.

But there is a growing understanding of its importance — and not only society, but government

Over the past 5 years, the government has accepted 59 of the acts with regards to this sector.

A strong family in the first ten values

For example, the theme of family is present in the Strategy “Kazakhstan-2050”.

One of the main tasks of the instrument in the field of family policy goals for the revision of legislation in the sphere of protection of motherhood and childhood, family and marriage, increasing the punishment for violations of the law in this area, as well as stimulate fertility and support large families, as stated in the work.

Kazakhstan will retain the stability within the country and abroad — expert

The national Commission for women Affairs and family-demographic policy. Built a model of social support for vulnerable families. There are several types of benefits have been paid, targeted social assistance (TSA) and so on.

In 2018 was adopted by the “Strategic development plan of Kazakhstan up to 2025”, which also presents the objectives of the Strategy, but more specific and with supplements.

Both documents demonstrate the sequence of activities of the state in this direction. In addition, such rhetoric and the state field of family policy seems to be justified, because

the society has a request for support to the family sphere,

— says the researcher.

The author recalled the results of recent studies of the values of the Kazakhstani people. Respondents were asked the question: “What is the most important for the Kazakhstani society?”.

Kazakhstan the problem of values — power, wealth, and kinship (part 1)

The first three places — “wealth/prosperity”, “the fight against corruption”, “law and order”.

In the first ten values are also entered the response “a strong family”

But then the researchers recorded signs of a crisis of family values. It is abandoned newborns, a high percentage of divorces and early pregnancies and so on. In 2018 (according to the Ministry) the number of marriages have decreased and divorces increased.

Can create a whole scientific centers of the family as abroad

Appropriate action the government has already started to take. The author reminded about the approved Concept of family and gender policy until 2030.

The mission of the state family policy defined “support, strengthening and protecting families, preserving traditional family values, improving the role of the family in society, the cultivation of a positive image of marriage and family, prevention and addressing family problems”, she said.

In 2018 there was a special body for interministerial coordination on issues of family policy

In conclusion, she outlined the trends in the development of family policy:

– lack of systematic measures in implementing family policy. Work began on the development of new development programmes and the process of strengthening control over existing programs (ASP 2020);

– strengthening media support implemented by the state family policy;

– the delegation of the powers of the state in the field of family policy to the civilian sector.

the transition from a policy of “fire fighting” to a systematic and preventive work.

It also does not exclude that in the future theoretical study of the question can create a whole research centres.

— In the world this practice is widely represented, for example by the Austrian Institute of family research of the German Institute for the study of family of the University of Bamberg research Centre families at the University of Cambridge and others, — concluded the author.

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