Who will win in Almaty: pedestrian, bike or car?

— That is, if before the cyclists were mainly drivers, now joined them, and pedestrians. So the cyclists are in the minority?

— I think that probably they will unite with pedestrians against cars. In these categories there is a common understanding that to combine these two kinds of movement one sidewalk is unsafe. Recently we conducted a survey among cyclists and cyclists of Kazakhstan as a whole, but most of the responding, of course, it is the residents of Almaty.

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Elena erakovic, Director of the public Fund Velofriends

More than 25% of cyclists say that the situation from the point of view of the perception by motorists of cyclists in our city has improved. This is mainly due to the development of related infrastructure.

When cyclists on the street clearly visible, they go in your lane and do not violate the rules, the vehicle also becomes more straightforward and orderly.

The question is always in the care and sight. But the visibility needs to provide the infrastructure, the right lighting. Now, unfortunately, it is not at the proper level.

Children suffer the most

— That is to say, motorists are corny, huh? Their area of movement will somehow decrease. But the pedestrians have not yet managed to accept the presence of bicycles and scooters?

Pedestrians – the group more diverse.

The most vulnerable are those who are travelling with children, because they do not always follow

To protect the child from a collision with a scooter that rides on the sidewalk, require continuous monitoring of the situation. Over the past year lyudey scooters markedly increased, and they move where there are dedicated bike lanes.

But when we asked them what they were doing, if their route has no bike lanes, about 20% said that they are moving on the sidewalk. This shows that

pedestrians and cyclists do not feel comfortable on city streets,

as for those and for others the most important is the security of your personal movement.

There is no perfect solution

— Bicycle infrastructure – it is also the band of contention in Almaty. Built bike paths — upset motorists and business. Came a new Governor and said that it is necessary to remove them — upset cyclists. Is it possible ideal solution for the transport infrastructure of a modern city that suits everyone?

— I believe that ideal solutions as the ideal city in the world. But now we need to try to reduce the degree of passions. All we need to understand that the growth of non-motorized mobility impact including on urban air quality.

People who have travelled around the city using bikes and electric vehicles must become more. If we want to be healthy and breathe clean air, we need to change. Not to argue, more polluting, power plants or transportation, and in each area, finding your own way and purposefully work on them.

I hope that in 2020 when actimate still create the Council of macromobility and non-motorised transport modes. This is an expert platform to discuss all new projects.

Usually about all the repairs and remodeling we’ll find out after the fact. The Council will consider all improvement projects at an early stage and taking into account the views of all parties. That’s when reconstruction of the city will be less situations where at the stage of project development mistakes.

The full version of the video interview here

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