Mobile “Kundelek” offers to see the rating… for rubles

Since the beginning of 2019 parent community raised a fuss that “Kundelek” was paid. Anyway, to the computer to compare the academic performance of your child with other kids in the class, school, district or city will have to pay.

“Mobile app Kondelik” is still sadder. There’s free shows only the schedule. But, in fact, the evaluation of a student will cost money… 59 Russian rubles per month. If you pay for the whole year, the functionality of the electronic diary will cost 22% less — 549 rubles.

Spoke and chose

Why all of a sudden on the territory of Kazakhstan imposed the mandatory use of government e-diary was paid, but still not in the national currency? Perhaps this is due to the fact that the founders of LLP “Kundelek” are two Russian companies, as well as a Bolatbek Sattarovich Yeraliyev. In open sources it is mentioned as the top Manager of “KazTransCom”.

MediaPortal 365info requested information in the Ministry of education and science. And that’s what we said in the Department.

— How much money was spent on the development of an electronic diary?

— From the state budget for system development “Kundelek” the budget is not spent. The system of electronic journals and diaries developed in the framework of public-private partnerships. System “Kundelek” implemented at the expense of own funds of the private partner (LLP “Kundelek”).

— Who is the developer? Had there been a tender for the development Kundalika? If done, provide a link to the results of the competition:

— The developer of the system “Kundelek” is too “Kundelek”. The contract on public-private partnership between the Ministry and LLP “Kundelek” concluded in accordance with the Law of RK “On state-private partnership” by direct negotiation, by definition of the private partner.

— At whose expense at the moment there is a technical service “Kundalika”?

— According to the contract of public-private partnerships

system “Kundelek” was developed, implemented and maintained at the expense of own funds of the private partner

Technical support system performs LLP “Kundelek” at the expense of own means.

The goal is money?

— How many users “Kundelek” was in the 2019-2020 school year?

— In the “Kundelek” was 337 thousand teachers, 2 million 932 thousand 110 students and 1 million 982 thousand 948 parents.

— Who, when and on what basis took the decision to levy a subscription fee for using the full version Kundalika?

— According to the contract on public-private partnership functionality for attendance, assessment, homework, lesson plans, calendar, facilities for pupils, parents and teachers is free. There is free access to users — like children, parents, and teachers. And available on the official website on any device, including mobile.

Paid features are an additional service (the service) and provided only at the request of parents

For example, analysis of the progress of the child in the context of city, region, Republic, SMS alert services on mobile apps.

58ad3dd99c7365acab80372442e1b4e0 - Mobile "Kundelek" offers to see the rating... for rubles

People — the new oil

And there can be considered various options of the situation. For example, if parents at home don’t have a computer. And mobile application free service is only available for 1 month from the date of initial registration.

Then first you need to pay, only then the user receives access to daily estimates

The issue of payment for “Kundalika” raised in 2017 as a real source of income due to voluntary and involuntary activation of the service.

At the current rate, if we imagine that the family of each student pays for “Kundelek”, get very interested in money.

3 270 tenge over 9 months of using an electronic diary. Or 9.5 billion tenge from all students

If premium service set all parents of students it worth 6.4 billion tenge. We tried to find out in the LLP “Kundelek” all these details, but quoted on the phone is not answered. And still happy to continue the theme, after hearing the position of the developer.

We understand that tariffs are the developers set on the understanding. But when it comes to service, the only school available for the public to track the progress of children, the payment “Kundalika”, to put it mildly, is puzzling. And not fully understood role in this public-private partnership of the Ministry. As a partner with which it has contractual obligations? Only providing private too information on all students in the country?

There are more questions than answers.

And the Ministry is somehow not revealed the secret, the curious. Why as a partner had been chosen it too?

The phrase “direct negotiations on the definition of” private partner is ambiguous. The other candidates, the Ministry does not call. But the market paid school services added monopolist offering for Russian rubles to monitor the grades of their children.

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