Young people are increasingly selling their bodies — review of Casse

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The journalist of the newspaper “Zaman” was surprised by the abundance of ads on young people who are ready to provide sexual services for 5 thousand tenge and above.

“Each of them, in addition to semi-Nude photos of any kind of information: weight, height, nationality, city of residence and types of services provided. We noticed that these services are available in almost every city of our country,” — writes the portal.

Any desire for your money

Prices for services vary. For example, 22-year-old guy named Shyngys set fee of 15 thousand tenge per hour on site, check-out will cost customers 20 thousand tenge. And all night in a club or restaurant — 50 thousand

“They only want to eat” — a student concerned about the growth of the girls-“seagulls”

Another young man, Marat, value themselves much more. For example, a night spent in the company of girls, he wants 250 thousand At the time as the hour it is 35 to 50 thousand, depending on services rendered.

Services other Kazakh guy named Doni will cost significantly less. For hours all he asks is 5 thousand tenge.

As found out edition, they are all ready to brighten up leisure not only girls and women but also couples as well… guys. At least the ads are that way.

Age is not important

In order to verify the newspaper called for some ads. Thus, the 25-year-old Ali had a medical worker, said that mostly does massage and depending on the area takes 15-25 thousand. He was not scared that the “client” for 56 years, he was ready to do not only massage but also to provide services of an intimate nature.

Reporters then called another 20-year-old young man and asked if it will have services for 50-year-old woman.

“Don’t look at the age, most importantly, to pay,” replied the guy, asking 20 thousand tenge, and for travel 30. However, he said that for a smaller amount do not agree.

“The young man gave to understand that money is ready to provide services anywhere, anytime and to anyone. If the guys “came on Board”, means the demand is still there. It is unfortunate that those on whom we rely, do such things…” — sums up the portal.

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