Male problems: erectile dysfunction younger

From 11% to 52% of the representatives of a strong half of mankind in the age of 19-59 years suffer periodic lack of erection. 17% of men younger than 29 years experience in the sexual life problems with potency. According to recent studies, Kazakhstan is not out of the negative figures in the world.

Urologist-andrologist Constantine Razdorskaya came to Almaty from Bishkek 9 years ago and, as he admitted, was surprised by the number of patients with erectile dysfunction.

– It was an emotional shock. Had to work in heavy traffic from 8.00 to 17.00. Of course, the proportion of patients due in part to the advertising campaign of the clinic of the employer. Age range of patients — from 18 to 75 years old that is sexually active age.

Figure 75 I was frankly happy. But the 18 – scary. What is the reason?

– In fact, the ad proclaimed, that we can help and old. Sexual life in the cities begins early, with 14-16 years. In the countryside later, there are virgins in 24-25, and it is related to education.

14 began, and in 18 already… came to an end? Why?

– In 14 years – first experience and the first infection

And this is not conducive to good performance in sex. As for the achievements at such a young age, it’s like driving with the bus driver on the first day of his work… will Drive from the soul, but will reach or not – the big question.

The best time to start

– Then give the advice, what time is optimal for men to start having sex?

– You can start after high school, i.e. 17-18 years. At this time, the psychological age is catching up with the physical. If you know, boys Mature later, girls.

– That is, if before, there is a risk not only for STDs but also psychological trauma?

– About the psychological trauma is not quite so. Men sex bear 50% of the responsibility for the consequences. And if it was still a schoolboy, for whom the responsibility of parents, it turns out, the sex problem parents. And this is not a man…

Risks and advantages of middle age

– Well, teenagers figured out. Now the average age. Risks, issues. Here towhich picture?

For men from 20 to 45-50 years, there is usually a constant partner. This leads to a more stable sex.

Plus a stable sexual relationship is the lack of premature ejaculation

This problem is particularly concerned about the youth. It happens because the effect of a new partner, when because of the excessive excitability and infrequent sex men it ends quickly. Besides the constant partner almost ensure the absence of infections.

5c369b90943134146e28b4a5adefef39 e1573186326889 - Male problems: erectile dysfunction youngerConstantine Razdorskaya

Stable sex can be when you are calm and trust the partner. Of course, there are exceptions: at constant sex out real psychological problems that in rare and spontaneous sex invisible. For example, reduced desire, difficulty in achieving orgasm.

Although the parameters of normal sex life has now expanded, we must not forget about such notion as sexual pathology.

Quality sex is good for health, both physical and moral. But the problem is that the quality in this case means not only the duration of sexual intercourse. Is there any benefit of intimate life, a long-missing emotions?

– Let’s start with the fact that sex roles are distributed unequally, and this gives the relationship a certain emotional color. Sex for men is pleasure and reproduction. Sex for women is forming a relationship with a partner, trust and love. Man nature is instituted to fertilize, and the woman is to bear and give birth. This is a difference of perception of sexual relations, and thus the behavior. Live and Dating a divorced wife with no emotions and have sex.

From two times a week

– By the way, what is this phenomenon?

– All individually. How to live together, no matter if the spouses have come today home partner or not, they spend holidays together or separately? Where the interests of others more important than the interests of the partner? Leaves love and sex — it’s physiology…

Well, not found a partner after a divorce, why should the sex suffer? So continue sexual relations. Habit…

– How often do men of middle age should be having sex to in all respects feel good?

Two times a week or more.

But otherwise?…

– Heart attack, stroke, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and so on. There are studies where testosterone level correlates with the lifespan in men and quality.

– And, accordingly, the positive effect of regular sex life for a strong half? Longevity, vivacity of spirit, clarity of thought, and…

– It’s as if all is well. More hormones — better life! For women the important role played by the stability of emotions! Negative physically destroyed.

League For Nursing Fathers

– Talk about the older generation. What do you think, to have children at the age of 70 and older — is this normal?

– My opinion may not coincide with the accepted norms. But I think we need to do all the time. If you think that the important thing is to give birth and to nurture it matters — welcome to the League of Elderly Fathers. If you are rich and can provide education better than himself raised, that’s good.

– I now ask from the point of view of health. The offspring will be high quality?

Different can be… it is believed that with age of mutations in DNA becomes more and a new generation of less stable. Children often get sick, there are various fermentopathy, etc. But who stopped?

The instinct of reproduction is a guarantee of evolution.

At the same time, culling of defective genes is conducted by the female body. Spontaneous abortion, miscarriage… missed abortion – the same natural mechanism to stop the breeding of defective individuals.

– How long do the maximum you would recommend to men a new fatherhood?

– The average reproductive age is 18-50 years. The most optimal paternity time – 24-35 years old.

After 50 years, about 75% of conceptions ends in miscarriage

Useful tips

Life is now the city of men full of stress. We forget about correct eating and physical activity. Initially, the above promotes the production of testosterone. Modern urban man should not, and just have to take care of their health. Jogging, swimming, Hiking, yoga — all invented for good reason!

And most importantly, try not to overeat

Leave the table a little hungry. Believe me, you will not die, and your life will not be this difficult!

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