The Dutchman called children of Kazakh names

the story of the Visser showed the TV channel “Kazakhstan”.

By profession, Nathan is helping to return disabled motor skills, restore domestic and social skills. Living in Kazakhstan and working mainly with Kazakh children, he wanted to learn their language.

“In 2006, the Director of the volunteer organization told me that if I live in Almaty, the Kazakh won’t learn, and without this I do not understand the culture and the soul of the people. So I settled in the village,” says Nathan Visser.

So he was in the village of Koktal, Almaty region in the family of Berwick and aliyah, have mastered the Kazakh language and began to treat children with disabilities.

One of his patients, Iderman, stood up with his help. Nathan admits that often looks touching video, how a boy is walking by himself to school. Now Itcompany already 21, he received higher education and work as all normal people.

“With the help of uncle Nathan I started doing full steps. Then he gave me the Walker is the latest model. I think his method helps many children”, — said Iderman Sultan.

Helping children with disabilities, Nathan met here and Eyvilin future wife, also an occupational therapist. As expected paying bride price, the couple got married in Almaty on Kazakh traditions. Their three children are Kazakh names: Berwick, Ayana and Saule.

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Having lived in Kazakhstan for 10 years, Nathan and Eyvilin has helped many children with disabilities. Now the couple are happy with each step of their former patients often communicate in social networks and are interested in their health.

“I have a dream to help local children further. We will never forget this country, it is in our hearts,” says Nathan.

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