The image of Kazakhstan in the world: yesterday and “Borat” today – Dimash. What has changed?

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Kazakhstan singer applauded Barclays arena is one of the most prestigious concert venues in the world. Millions of Kazakhstan citizens joined the applause. But, alas, few knew that all this was possible thanks to a quiet, inaudible, and nowhere not advertised the work of dozens of people in the Ministry of culture of our country. Yes, today Dimash Kudaibergen – the pride of Kazakhstan. It should be so. Kazakhstan needs to learn in the world, and learn in a positive way, such as images of Dimash. But how, in practice, solved the problem of promoting the country’s image, on whom it depends? Who brought the Dimash on the big stage? All this reporter the Director of the Department of culture and the arts kumis Seitova.

– Kumis Karabaevna, the other day you and the Minister of culture Aktoty Raimkulova congratulated Dimash with a stunning success in new York. Someone from evil tongues soon wrote on Facebook: behold, they say, officials “attach themselves” to the success of our pet… it does Not hurt to hear this?

– We do not pay attention to such remarks. Probably, they would not be if we somehow advertise their work, for example, by Dimash or on the same Yerzhan Maxim, or other of our young stars. But we fundamentally do not. Just because it’s our job. For example, you don’t tell on each corner that, well, yesterday I wrote this article? And the bus driver says that he did so many flights. And the surgeon that carried so many transactions. Our work is a routine, daily basis – lies precisely in supporting talent at all stages of their development. This is not a reason to be proud and beat their chest. Dimash is a talent, some are born maybe once in a century. Its noticed in time. But any talent, even a genius, there is still a task to get through, be heard and fulfilled. We have long and systematically been working on this. Of course, today we rejoice with our beautiful artist. But this, again, is not a reason to beat his chest and boast. This is a reason to tell my colleagues: “Good job,” and congratulate all who were involved in it. And it’s really a lot of people.

In other words, “the ignition of stars” is a part of your routine work?

Yeah, it’s kind of a domestic kitchen, are often quite boring, without which many Kazakhstani geniuses of the world could not learn. It’s not occasionally, but daily, constant work, called the promotion of Kazakhstan abroad. If you remember, in a programmatic article of the President “Bolashakka Badar: Rouhani gear” this task is marked in a separate section. It is really a great strategic goal. Kazakhstan needs awareness, not just a positive awareness. Not cheap foreign articles such as “Borat”, and our powerful, taking the prizes are the most prestigious film festivals, Arthouse cinema. According to our artists, such as Dimash, who applauds all of Asia, and now America. Dimash, or film “Tomiris”, or our young star Yerzhan Maxim – here are the images by which the world can judge our country. But for that to become known, needed major work. We carry out this work. Our Ministry has a number of special work programs related to the promotion of the country in the world. One of them is called: “Promotion of Kazakhstan’s young artists abroad.”

Is the program running? It is a constant?

Yes. In particular, organizes foreign tours Kazakhstan young talents. There is a separate program aimed at organizing foreign tours for regional artists and music groups. Some of them, somewhere “shoots”. Our Dimash, for example, to the surprise of many literally blew up the concert halls of China. Since this all started. Before that he was known and loved in Kazakhstan. The most important stage – to identify the artist with great potential and give him the opportunity to tour first in Kazakhstan to gain fame. And then to promote themselves abroad. Alone few are able to afford it. If the only way to match that the young star is the son or daughter of any of the oligarchs.

– A rare coincidence indeed.

In any case, in Kazakhstan show-business coincidences is not. And Dimash, and Erzhan, our other young stars – all out of the ordinary, not wealthy families.

– And why such support is needed from the state? Where is our private producers? Remember how our famous countryman Bari Alibasov at the time, noticed perspective children and created the legendary group…

Such producers as Alibasov, is also a rarity. And now they do not. Today, almost private producers working in the sphere of music show business, focused on some narrow segments of popular culture, where you can earn a quick profit. You know that now in trend among the broad masses of young people. Obscene rap? Rap about drugs? What else? I should say frankly that often it is not those areas, which in principle would cost to maintain, it’s not something that can be called culture.

Rap is not only obscene…

– Yes, of course, do not consider us as reactionaries, of course, is a powerful direction in modern youth culture. There are bright artists, has awesome lyrics. And the rap is also sometimes break out the bright stars, worthy of unconditional attention and recognition, there are entire phenomena as, for example, the Basta in Russia, created a series of stunning emotional charge, and philosophical depth hits. He has phenomenal song “the Law of Samsara”, for example. But this is the exception rather. And for the most part, unfortunately, on hearing of primitive and base works that can hardly be called art at all. And the reason for this situation is that this area is fully controlled by private capital. A private producers come exclusively from commercial reasons, believe me – they are not interested in the artistic side generated content. Their interest is only in money that the project will bring. From this point of view, to give our Kazakhstani show business is completely at the mercy of private producers would be a mistake. This would mean to condemn our culture for degradation. On the contrary, we, as a Department, custodian of culture, should oppose this. We must promote what will bring true spirituality. And if we didn’t do it, if you would just let things take their course, then we never would have had the Dimash. That is – he would, of course, was. Perhaps even a success would be in his hometown.

– You noted that the recognition of the country largely depends on its stars, legendary actors, movie stars, athletes. I am glad that practically in every area of our culture and art (as in many areas of the sport – your Ministry is also in charge of) Kazakhstan has its own stars or masterpieces. Another question, how to effectively promote them in the world? It is generally difficult? For example, how is it that a film Composer has become known around China?

– This work is largely invisible, again. But it is very effective when there are some joint projects. Combining efforts with the countries where we promote our culture, gives a lot. Especially notable is the effect such cooperation brings in the field of cinema. Kazakhstan has really become recognizable in the world, including, thanks to our films, created on the principle of “co-production”. So, the picture “Composer”, filmed with the participation of the Chinese filmmakers who won prizes in the most prestigious festivals. Its a massive show in China, where the film is very fond of. He has already collected a huge Desk. And, by the way, we are told, thanks to this movie simple Chinese that I know very little about Kazakhstan, begin a completely new sense of our country! This is a positive promotion of the country abroad that we need. And it’s not the only example. Recently the best local films thanks to “co-production” started to emerge worldwide, which is very important from the point of view of promotion of our country.

The success of the project, of course, depends on the talent of Directors and actors, but the approaches are important here. It is important that all our major projects we initially aim at an international audience. Due to the fact that the State support center of the national cinema in recent time in the selection relies on films about Kazakhstan not only for the domestic audience, but also those that will be seen in the world, we have managed to raise a new level of awareness in the country. As a result of Kazakhstan in the world is no longer judged by stupid Kinopalace called “Borat” with some unimportant British humorist. We are judged by the Dimash, for the films “Tomiris” and “Amre”, the “Composer”.

– What are the trends today in the Kazakh Opera in our national ballet? There has always been a very strong tradition, but the problem was the outflow of the best artists, who were offered better conditions abroad…

One of the recognizable image of Kazakhstan is the “high art”, including Opera. A brilliant team called “Astana Opera”, created only 6 years ago, performs in the best halls of Italy, which says a lot. Indeed, it should be noted that the trend of “outflow”, which you said is no longer relevant. If ten years ago the best voices were forced to leave Kazakhstan, now on the contrary – our stars return to sing in “Astana Opera”.

In the same context we can mention the bright star team “Astana Ballet”. In their repertoire – a vivid and absolutely breakthrough performances, and, of course, with this team also actively organizes foreign tours. The same can be said about the national drama theatre in Kazakhstan several Kazakh, Russian, German, Korean, Uzbek, and Uighur. Abroad, their performances often cause culture shock. Nothing of the kind – when the state of the national theatres work with such success – you will not find in any other country. And too see it abroad, study, wonder, admire, write about it article, removed TV reports. This is our multi-ethnic polyphony – is part of a national brand of Kazakhstan, which we promote in the world.

We will continue this work. Quiet and inconspicuous. Important, in our view, from the point of view of recognition of the country and the positive attitude in the world. Again – this is our regular, ordinary work, in which there is nothing supernatural.

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