Leisure and business on the bones: perhaps time of construction of the crematorium?

the construction of a crematorium, we have discussed with Marat Ismailov. Deputy Director of LLP “Specialized complex of ritual services of Almaty city” helped to see it from different points of view.

And with each out –

the crematorium is to be

While this structural unit in the city and Almaty residents with families not only walk through the territories of the former graveyards. These places are located and points of public catering and industrial enterprises.

Theory and practice

– The main reason why we have still not built the crematorium, the Muslim custom is to bring the body to the ground. That is, the service will not be popular. But that’s the theory. But in practice? Often if people are interested in cremation?

– The demand for the construction of the crematorium we have a big. Here, of course, there are nuances related to positioning of Kazakhstan as a Muslim state. But the country is positioning itself as a secular state. Therefore, we can confidently say that this plan

no barriers for the construction of crematorium no

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And at the moment wanting a lot. Even among Muslims. People come and say they would like to after death the body was cremated. Now cremation is only possible in Novosibirsk. Was Barnaul, but there are, apparently, expensive. I know private companies that carry back of the body for cremation and bring the ashes back.

Who are all these people?

– These companies do a lot? You can call service cost?

– The cost can not name, is a commercial secret. But I know that the price is quite reasonable. They also offer a cheaper option — it all depends on the desires of the client. There are several types of cremation – full, partial and fragmented. I know a few companies that provide these services.

I was told that one of the reasons why we have a crematorium has not been built yet, the availability of free land. They say, is where to bury.

– Currently vacant land is very small. Now there’s only free for burial cemetery – “Batys”, West. It is of mixed type. Consequently, Muslims may be some distrust of the graves of relatives on it. They want to do it on a more profiled Muslim cemetery.

Of course, the construction of the crematorium first and foremost solve the issue of available land for the needs of the living. We have at the moment, as you know, the problem with the new cemetery. The scheduled opening of the cemetery in the district of Duman, but the nearby neighborhoods are strongly against. However, this cemetery is, of course, also does not solve the problem — the area is very small.

A crematorium is the solution. First and foremost, a solution to the problem of available land for the needs of the living. Now in Almaty under the cemetery employs 920 hectares. And the land can simply be deleted from the common areas. Because in the future, you know, in addition to parkland, this property is nothing to build.

Of course there are examples where the cemetery is completely transferred. Is the exhumation of all remains, the area rekultiviruemye. But the soil is still saturated with products of biodegradation.

Accordingly, there is a risk to produce some work under IZHS. That is, except how to organize a green area where nothing can be done.

No problems

– If a question crematorium will be resolved positively, how do you see your business next? According to your predictions, will the crematorium be in demand?

The business of providing funeral services that no problems will bring. It will be just one of the types of burial. Can you imagine how much you can land to save?! If one square meter to make a three or four-tiered system of columbarium as possible to bury urns?

Whereas at one metre you will not be able to bury a single person. And one meter in four tiers with niches size 30×40 cm you can place urns containing the ashes of 25-30 people.

In addition, the construction of a crematorium is not a purposeful action on only the cremation of the dead.

First and foremost, is the cremation of biowaste. A lot of them accumulated from medical — products of surgical intervention of perinatal centers and maternity homes (the fruits of premature birth, stillborn, etc.).

Imagine the waste we bury in batches of 70 lbs! On average, when in medical institutions accumulated bio-waste, they take out 200-300 kg.

In addition, we have a lot of nameless, buried at the expense of the state. Imagine how much this place turns?!

And we must be able to withstand sanitary requirements. This is the same standard grave for a full human body, and with the same weight – 70 kg., Respectively, these 300 kg, we divide by a few graves.

And it’s all you can recycle. Cremated. And we get some final useful product. Although many may say that this is blasphemous. But imagine the period of mineralization we reduce from 50 years to the period from one to three hours.

There is a difference? Or 50 years, plus the land is unsuitable for shared use, or from one to three hours, and the result is absolutely harmless waste product.

This is unprofitable?

We will review the logical outcome: the service demand is there. Then why the crematorium is still not built?

– The question of the construction of the crematorium in Almaty arose from the 1970s years. During my work in the enterprise of funeral services – at the time we were a state – run enterprise- Akhmetzhan Smagulovich Yessimov gave us an assignment to conduct a preliminary analysis, negotiations, that is pre-integrated work. And we did it.

– Specify, please, in Almaty parks are former cemeteries?

— You probably know what the Park named after 28 Panfilov’s guardsmen built on the site of the cemetery of the late 19th century. Territory Family Park – too byweek ladise. And squares in the streets of Orenburg and bazarbaeva, Abylai Khan and Mametova. The fact is that when Almaty was called the Faithful city, the Abylai Khan Avenue was the street of the Cemetery. In the lower part, where now is the railway station Almaty-2, there was a large Muslim cemetery.

But in connection with the needs of the city was closed down around the late 1950-ies. Why do I know? At that time, near this cemetery, lived my grandfather. There is carried out the exhumation of the remains, made a reclamation. Part of exhumed, but something, of course, was… this place was built a railway station.

They are innumerable

There are many examples, I can’t list them all. Parks on the places of former cemeteries, of course, is a forced measure. But together with the lost and the historical places of burial of those people who have contributed to the development of our city.

That’s just one example: across from the Central cemetery, where now is located the restaurant “Daulet”, is a monument to Raiymbek Batyr. This is the upper part of the Tashkent tract, the so-called Avenue in 1932. The decision of the Executive Committee in this place was organized by the Muslim cemetery. Now on its territory there are restaurants and industrial enterprises.

Then it was decided about the organization of the two cemeteries. Below Tashkent tract, 6 acres, is a Christian and the location of the Jewish cemetery. The first Jewish burial was in 1927. Above the Tashkent cemetery, of 8 hectares was reserved for a Muslim cemetery which already by 1940, was completely exhausted their land resources. And such a lot of places.

I can tell you that on the territory of former cemeteries not only squares and parks. There are places where there are skyscrapers and roads. Take the Muslim cemetery above Tashkent tract, there is not even carried out the exhumation, still find human remains.

– By the way, our Central cemetery how long before closing?

– It has long closed. About the partial closure bear a lot of decisions. The latter ruling was in 1976. And the question of the status of inactive for the Central cemetery is closed. While there is a place for subburials.

And what will the clergy?

Questions about the construction of new infrastructure facilities, we asked Murat Telibekov.

The leader of the Union of Muslims of Kazakhstan supported the idea.

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In my opinion,

serious arguments against the construction of crematorium no

Sooner or later we to it will come. All large cities are doomed to the use of such “technology.” Of course, there are people who believe that the crematorium is immoral. Basically, this view is shared by the clergy. I agree only to the extent that coercion is unacceptable.

Each person makes her own choices, based on ethical and religious principles. By the way, judging by the reaction of the society wishing to cremate his body after death a lot.

– Why in Kazakhstan there is still no crematorium?

I can’t answer this question. Maybe the project does not promise big profits, therefore its implementation is not as fast as, say, LRT Nur-Sultan. According to experts, the cost of a crematorium would be approximately 4 million euros.

From the point of view of “kickbacks” is not the tidbit. Another thing, if the cost was 1 billion euros. Then Yes!

However, I think that this will not rust. If you decorate the crematorium rhinestones, marble and gold trifles, you can pull and 2 billion. We are a rich country, can afford smart and crematorium in the world.

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