Partnership delivery contradict the Kazakh mentality — overview of kissme

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Well-known journalist Bekzhigit Sergali criticized childbirth in partnership with her husband. According to him, European concepts do not correspond to Kazakh mentality. This writes the news portal

The fact that men support wives during childbirth, from the side it looks inappropriate.

— Partner (FR. partenaire) — means a partner, a colleague. To this we add and “participation of the husband in childbirth”.

Women today, may be under the influence of Turkish TV series, about to give birth, take husbands,

— the author writes.

The initial task of the partner in every way to help the woman to facilitate her condition at birth. And in this case men are not always competent.

“Give me a child, give me a son!” in Kazakhstan give birth despite the fact

“The job is moral support for mothers. He can massage her back, abdomen, to teach her to breathe properly, to walk, etc. all you need is a trained and trained person. Typically, these functions should be performed by a midwife or doctor, they get paid for it. But all the care of the woman in labor lay on a partner, thereby freeing themselves from the responsibility,” writes Sergali.

And daughter I wish that in this hour the neighborhood was the husband, not his family. In this regard

the poor men were “custom” to spend time in the hospital

Bekzhigit Sergali also writes that our grandmothers not to give birth in front of her husband, even peeking was not allowed.

“In this time mthe man is with a gun, standing nearby, fired in the air and just prayed for the relief of the suffering wife, nothing more,” concluded the author.

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