The podium of the great steppe: beat of horsemen — the tradition Kyz uu

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The number of Kazakh folk games unknown, no one believed. But certainly we can say that Kazakh girls were, if not the main characters of many of them, then active participants. And even those which required a demonstration of strength, agility and martial skill. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that in the steppe life was far from peaceful, had to defend themselves with arms. And women stood to one side. The Greek historian Herodotus, called the “father of history” wrote about the distant ancestors of the Kazakhs, the Saki

the girls had to kill at least one enemy, or in their wives, no one will take

In the Kazakh fairy tales and legends can often be found a description of how the girls compete with the well-known batyrs. For example, on one of the traditional events Audaryspak (to knock an opponent down from a horse) in the epic “Kobylandy Batyr” is the following terms :

Bechan ESP,

Arlyne CEU

Audaryspak Einaudi.

Like silk dancing in the wind

With the virgin Karlyga together

In audaryspak playing, jumping on the fly.

(Interpretation of the meaning of the author)

Even in such seemingly all-male competition, as Kazakhsha kures (Kazakh wrestling), girls performed on a par with horsemen. So, Alka, mother of the great composer Kurmangazy, was very strong physically and often won in wrestling matches men.

Tradition Kyz uu (catch the girl)

It is logical that many Kazakh games were associated with horse events. And one of these — Kyz uu (catch the girl) — is still a fixture of various mass celebrations. Kyz uu rules are as follows: at the signal, the girl started up at a gallop, in chase of her on his steed the horseman rushes. If you catch up, receives a prize – gallop kiss a girl. Often it also happens that if the girl liked the horseman, it is invisible to the audience specially to hold your horse.

But if the guy won’t catch up to the girl to finish the set, the roles are reversed. Now the horseman needs desperately to urge on the horse, because if the girl comes, she has every right to mercilessly whip with a horsewhip.

And the podium, and showmanship

Toi and other celebrations, where he conducted Kyz UW, had a lot of volunteers. Because jump Kyz uu had a lot of functions. Girls, for example, used this game as a kind of podium. To this day the masters were ordered new outfits and decorations to appear before the public in all its glory. By the way, for jewelers and tailors it was a kind of advertisement of their skills. Well, as a rule, so childbirth and pastures were represented by their brides of marriageable age.

Young horsemen, too, were trying to show their best side. They were potential suitors and come to games not only to show themselves, but also to choose a future wife.

For stealing the bride could lose the head — a tradition Kyz Alyp ASU

Sometimes it has also happened that any girl was already betrothed, and lovers could not connect. They were desperate, and this opportunity gave them the part in Kyz uu. In advance, they prepared the fleet-footed horses. In time, portraying what is involved in Kyz kuu, moving away from the audience, the pair rushed into the steppe. In other words, it was one of the ways theft of the bride’s consent.

While celebrating the girl’s relatives began to understand what had happened and started in pursuit, passed a lot of time. It was the calculation of lovers.

Kyz uu in poetry

In 1955 at the Studio “Kazakhfilm” was filmed a great movie “Girl-Dzhigit”. In this tradition Kyz uu shown in all its glory and from all sides.

Widely known poems of the poet Olzhas Suleimenov:

Catch me, horseman,

Don’t spare the horse, the horseman.

If you are in love, and agile

The horse will catch up, run so far.

I love you, horseman,

Get well


A voice trembling from shame.

Among these sonorous jets

The wind overtakes me.

On my bosom lies,

Hugs, hugs,

Oh, again, behind, the horseman!

The moon mocks,

I’m alone

Alone again,

My hands turned white,

Blood on the rump of the horse.

Evil people,

Evil people,

You have hurt me.

Gave a brave horseman,

And the beautiful horseman


A horse!

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