Jump the prices in Almaty to 40% behind the Urals? Expert opinions

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Total: bread in oral rose by 39.1%, flour 1 grade – by 31.9%, rice — by 40.8%, and buckwheat – is 46.7%.

The ruble nothing to do with it

Passes if the Cup of Almaty and other cities in the country? We asked the economists.

Aidarkhan Kusainov believes that if the reason for crop failure, price increases to be.

– And the ruble is hlusta really. First, because he’s already six months in the district 6 tenge per ruble from 5.5 to 6.0. So the exchange rate didn’t do anything.

Has risen

According to the economist, very decent prices rose across the country.

It was supposed to subside. There is a balance of purchasing power. It is impossible that all rose in price indefinitely. At some point, people stop buying. We got

decent inflation, especially for food,

therefore, a sharp acceleration I do not see. Roughly speaking, it was already fast enough. Another thing is that the tempo can remain on the same level.

Not the scale

Only one Oral is difficult to judge, according to Aidarkhan Kusainov.

– First, the oral – not the big city. There may be some local situations that are not broadcast to the whole country. The rise in price in connection with the exchange rate is not very wealthy, that’s for sure.

But because of the poor harvest have to be careful of what products. If bread went up, then, as I recall, the price for it was released a long time ago. Everyone was waiting that they will rise in the fall.

Locally the rise is there, and it’s probably bad. But I don’t think you need to wait for a substantial projection to the whole country, I think in oral certain local situation.

Something went wrong

Recent months, said the expert, local administration successfully suppressed inflation.

– This was done in accordance with the objectives of the party and government. But at some point it just

out of control

But in some regions it is quite possible that prices were allowed to rise, so everything is so smeared in time.

In General, all statements that somewhere something suddenly rose, always require deeper consideration.

Maybe all these months , the oral was for us an example of stable prices? In short, only don’t panic, – concluded the Vice Minister.

It is long

Rasul Ismambetova suggested that the increase is likely to affect small cities.

– As far as I allows you to judge your own rating, on our partners website-the questionnaire – in the cities of Almaty, Nur-Sultan, Karaganda – prices for these goods are the highest. So the Ural is likely to enter the highest prices on the Russian side and other high prices.

It is difficult to estimate accurately without detailed study, but

it may well be that this growth is short-term,

and prices will fall.

To blame administration

Oddly enough, I noticed the economist, such price jumps snapshot of fault in part may lay on the Governor’s office.

– Each regional SPK is the so-called stabilization Fund. Usually it enters into long-term contracts with suppliers of socially significant food products.

Therefore, this price peak should be soon reduced by the stabilization Fund. If this does not happen,

there are questions of the effectiveness of the SEC and the Governor’s office

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